Monday, June 03, 2019

Signing in back on

whats up mga higala!

yup, its been almost a year since my last post. i've been practicing alot of photography skills since my wife died. you know, make one self busy during life crisis. but anyways, this post will restart my blogging activities.

no, wait! i think i slowed my blogging activities since July 2016 where my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. well, moving on....

what to expect in my blogging?:

1) vlogs using Youtube and Instagram TV using my account handler "@agent112778".

2) more photography issues. like but not limited to: skills sharing,  how-to, errors and solutions, etc.

3) more food,

4) more drinks

5) more photos

6) more travels

7) more sharings means more post

8) throwbacks starting July 2016

so just stay tuned mga higala.

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