Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Vjandep Ventures Inc. is now serving Cagayan de Oro

12 February 2018

We all know and we all love Vjandep's Pastels - buns filled with yema or the other 14- 16 varieties. but less we know about the stories behind its success both of the company and its family, the Jose Family.

Vjandep's first box for their pastel during 1980's

The Vjandep Pastels all started with a dream. Mother Eleanor once asked her children what they dream to become when they grow up. "Doctor". "Pilot". "Scientist". The children answered one by one. The mother's heart was touched by their dreams but worried on the other side for their current income won't be sufficient to make their dreams come true. As all parents would do, they lifted all up to the heavens and the Lord provided. they started the Vjandep bakeshop with a 120 pesos (1980's) initial capital. bought flour and other ingredients in small portion of less than a kilogram each then baked in a make shift oven then sold on the streets of Camiguin province. with all blessings from above and hard working employees and of the family, they now become one of the best bakeshop in Camiguin and here in Cagayan de Oro. and ohh, as for the children's dream? they also fulfilled it: Industrial Physician; Commercial Jet Pilot; and a Gastronomic Chef (scientist of food and culture) to be exact.

Jose Family announcing the Vjandep Ventures Inc.
(l-r) Chairperson Eleanor; CEO Dr. Viel; and CFO chef Elvie

The Vjandep Ventures Inc., true to its name, now have three other ventures: "Gasa" the marketing arm and the pasalubong store of Vjandep pastries; "Samuel" is an event catering and restaurant for Ba'ay; and "Ba'ay" is a hotel in Camiguin. all of these ventures are all started in Camiguin and now, they are slowly offering it all here in Cagayan de Oro.

"Gasa" in CdeO

Vjandep does not only produce pastels but they are also offering a wide variety of pastries and goodies. Cheesesticks, breadsticks, siopao, crinkles are just some of its best sellers. as anounced in the presscon, Vjandep is the manufacturing side and "Gasa" is the name of the store that will market not only Vjandep products but also pasalubong goodies of other SMEs who doesn't  have a physical store or shop. 

Gasa, have two branches here in CdeO: Tiano Street and in Iligan-CdeO Road in Bulua.

Samuel by Vjandep in Camiguin. Photo taken last Sept 2017

"Samuel" and "Ba'ay"

Samuel by Vjandep is a Restaurant, kitchen and caterer for "Ba'ay" in Camiguin. as for here in CdeO, since Samuel doesn't have (yet) a physical restaurant, they are now open for catering services and food trays. for more information, visit Gasa Bulua branch.

"Ba'ay" ventured for Hotel and Hospitality service. They are not yet available here in CdeO but in Camiguin, it is one of the sought after place to stay. hotel, restaurant and a pasalubong center all in one place, defenitly a tourist heaven. I'll surely go back to Camiguin for this.

let me end this article with another Vjandep triva.

Vjandep come from the parents initials "VJ" for the father and "EP" for the mother's maiden name and just added '"and" in the middle. at that time when "hastags" is still not in use. they are using that name as their hashtag. Father is also in the army and used it as his "code name" in all of his military operations. the name brought luck and blessings to him, he even evaded an ambush to name one of his luck, thus they also used that name in their business since they felt the lucky side is on that name. 

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