Friday, December 15, 2017

Mykarelli's Grill: Lifestyle District's Newest Hotspot

sorry mga higala, this post was so and toooo loong overdue. I hope you seen the photos and pre-event post i made in my official FB page. I really thought that i already made this one but sad to say, i really did forgot to post this. what i made is just a draft. so without further more delays here's my story.

23 November 2017

Mykarelli's Grill made another milestone. The only store that has two branches inside Lifestyle District. This new branch is better and larger than the first one. perfect for big gatherings for family or friends.

Mykarelli's Grill gave out a very generous offer to all loyal patrons on this opening day. they gave out a Buy 1 Take 1 treat for the Chicken Inasal and Pork BBQ meals. as expected, many grabbed this awesome offer and prompted the management to extend it for one more hour. The management are very thankful to those who came to this "fiesta". "sa Mykarelli's Grill, araw-araw fiesta" indeed.

I stayed and covered this event from 12noon till 10pm. during those times, the patrons keeps on coming. the biggest crowd was a group of 15 i think or more than. they are traveler/tourist who will stay at the nearby hotel. as for the smallest group are the couples who enjoyed a romantic al fresco dinner date.

I hope to see you there mga higala, please dont be shy to say hi when we bump up OK? when you get there, please do try the "mongolian maskara" perfect appetizer and the best beer match.

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