Friday, October 20, 2017

Ola Gringo! Welcome to CdeO

11 October 2017

Hey there Tex-Mex fans of CdeO, Gringo, is now open at the 2/f of the SM CDO Downtown Premier. Her sister company, Tokyo Bubble Tea, is also now open at the ground floor, details of it will be on the next blog post.

This branch is Gringo's first store outside metro manila. their specialties are ribs and chicken in a tex-mex way. They also have seafood dishes. i like their fried catfish complimented by their signature sauce.

Nachos, Ribs and Chicken (showcase only, not the usual serving)

The opening was attended by us the CDO Bloggers, friends from the media and v/blogging royalties like Ms. Vern Enciso, Ms. Vina Guerero, the wonder twins Joi and Jai to name a few. sorry i really forgot their names. ill just make some editing here as soon as i got their names right.

Its an awesome opening party with friends, food and booze. they gave as a sample of their signature dishes. all i can say about the (sample) food is that i really need to go back to Gringo.

clockwise starting from the bottled sauce: Original roast chicken, fried catfish, southern spiced chicken, ribs, mexican rice, corn, pork belly.

as i said awhile ago, i like the fried catfish, its crispy and well seasoned. the spiced chicken comes next. as for the ribs and pork belly, hmmm???? i think i need to go back and have some more to make a comment and for me to experience their ambiance and service a bit more. so i hope to see you there mga higala. 

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