Thursday, October 12, 2017

Macho Mucho: Upgrading the Men of CdeO

05 October 2017
Macho Mucho
4/f SM CDO Downtown Premier

Macho Mucho, a hybrid barber shop - salon, (a first here in CDO if i am not mistaken), opens its doors to not only men but also for women. located at the 4/f SM CDO Downtown Premier.

Why hybrid? well, first, its a barber shop that do all the men's barber need like haircut, shave and massage. Salon, will take care all the pamper needs of men (and women) like: manicure-pedicure, hair color and other treatments, grooming and spa.

in short, while the husband or boyfriend is having a barber's treatment....

Photo taken by Sir Tom Udasco

...their (respective) wife/GF/partner can have their pampering while waiting, no more separate ways or different shop to go to.

so go ahead #upgradeyourself only at Macho Mucho.

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