Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Experiencing the 10th Scott Kelby's Worldwide Photowalk

07 October 2017

if i am not mistaken, this should have been my third time to join. the other year, even though that i registered to join, i still did not made it to the walk. last year, i guess i still did the registration but since i need to be with my wife, i did not made it again. at last! i made it! finally! and heres my story and experience.

Heritage of Misamis Oriental Monument, Capitol Grounds

after some pleasantries and mini program at the provincial capitol, we proceeded with our walk at around 8am. we have four destinations: Gaston park; Cogon Market; Divine Mercy Shrine in El Salvador City; and Apple Tree Resort and Hotel in Opol Town, all are in the province of Misamis Oriental.

we walk along A.Velez street and some turns, we took some shots along the way until we came to Gaston Park and Metropolitan Cathedral.

Background: Water Tower Museum
Foreground: Gaston Park

after some few shots and snacks, we then proceeded to the Cogon Market; one of Cagayan de Oro's major marketplace.

Market Porter
The cogon market shoot is my favorite. all the action and the stories are there. i think i need to learn more about environmental portraits. we took a lot of street photos virtually in every street we walk on to.

From Cogon Market, we went to Centrio Ayala mall for a lunch break. of course, another set of getting along and getting to know each other. after lunch, we went to the Divine Mercy Shrine. a hitch a ride from a fellow participant.

After some formalities, we finally made it all come inside the sacred grounds of the Divine Mercy Shrine. the heat is searing and exhausting but managed to get some shots.

Divine Mercy Shrine, El Salvador City, Misamis Oriental

from here we went to Apple Tree Resort and Hotel for some lectures from the experts. after which, the photoshoot ive been waiting for. the photoshoot of Cagayan de Oro Talent Center.

CDOTC Models
this photoshoot is very challenging to me. first of, im still new to DSLR shooting, for i used point-and-shoot, smartphones and tablet for the past years. even though im new, i literally pushed it by shooting with 50mm, speedlight and manual mode. my first few shots are all under/overexposed so i need to change settings in just a few seconds so that i could take shots to all models. imagine the pressure and the frustrations. after all the bad shots, what a joy, what a relief to see my results in the camera. making me go home happy and contented.

to see more of my photos taken in this photowalk, pls visit my facebookpage @eatsgoodtobeincdo


my big thanks to sir Scott Kelby for making this walk a worldwide hit. to our walk leader sir Clement Dampal II, and to all of my co participants, my big gratitude to you all.

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