Sunday, October 22, 2017

Cucina Higala Lauches New Set of Heirloom Dishes

18 October 2017
Cucina Higala
Capistrano Street, CdeO

Cucina Higala, one of CdeO's finest Filipino themed restaurant now offers new variety of dishes and snacks. As always, they cooked it they way we loved it and even more special (in my own taste). The launch was attended by our friends both from the media and us bloggers. They have nearly 20 new dishes and about 7 unique shakes. please visit my facebook page for the complete photo album. for this post i'll only feature that for me is the best recommendation i can give. surely, you and your loved ones will definitely love these:

Lumpiang Shanghai

Lumpia is my ultimate comfort food, be it shanghai, fresh or mung sprouts. Cucina Higala offers both Lumpiang Shanghai (photo above) and Fresh Lumpia. What's good about Cucina Higala's Lumpiang Shanghai is, it is stays crispy for a longer period of time plus, its more meat than wrapper.

Tinolang Manok is the comfort soup. The gingery chicken broth is a good feast kick starter thats warms up the appetite and the big servings of chicken pieces will fill you up.

This is the BEST kaldereta i had in years, trust me, its really the best.

of course! meal time is not complete without rice. I recommend this Beef Fried Rice than the usual plain steamed rice. its a good complement to all of their dishes.

Im a Cola / Soda person thus shakes for drinks is not my kind of drink BUT since here in Mindanao we have mangoes all year round so I am giving this Green Mango Shake an exemption. I really love green mangoes.

So on your next barkada blowout or family gathering, check out Cucina Higala, you will definitely love the great food and the great place they have. See you there mga higala!!!

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