Thursday, September 28, 2017

Our First Dibs at Roadhouse Cafe

13 September 2017
Roadhouse Cafe
3/f Centrio Mall

in my years of stay here in Cagayan de Oro, there are times that i heard some good comments that offers the best food not only here in CdeO but also in Bukidnon (sorry, I forgot which part of Bukidnon they are refering to). These comments gets louder if i pass by their branch in SM City CDO (aka SM Uptown). Sadly, me and my wife did not had the chance to try it but she keeps on saying that their food is great since she knew some of the admins. Fast forward, when my sisters asked me where will we celebrate our mom's birthday, i remembered Roadhouse Cafe thus we celebrated it there. We chose the Centrio branch because its the nearest branch for all of us: my family and in-laws.

We only had a simple celebration full of chit chats and sharing while enjoying the food:

Tinolang Isda (Lapu-lapu) for soup and appetizer

Seafood in a Basket. A basket made with fried noodles filled with yummy veggies and seafood: shrimp, fish and squid.

Me and my Family's favorite: Kare-Kare, they used ox tail and skin.

The star of our feast, Crispy Pata.

To our surprise, they gave our celebrant a slice of Sapin-Sapin with candle for well wishes.

Thank you so much Roadhouse Cafe staff and crew for making our celebration a memorable one. Everybody enjoyed the food you prepared. my high regards to chef Albert and to ms. MM...


With this, i heard that they are opening up something great in Valencia, Bukidnon. as for me and this blog, ill support lokal...cant wait to blog about it...

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