Thursday, September 21, 2017

Highland Fresh Dairy Products of El Salvador, Misamis Oriental

15 Sep 2017

I am so thankful that I made the cut to be part of the City Tourism Office of El Salvador, Misamis Oriental's Media Tour Day. We visited about four tourism sites that the city are proud of. I'll share to you  each site in different parts so that I won't flood a single article. Our first stop: Highland Fresh Dairy Products Factory.

When I first came here in Cagayan de Oro, my GF then (my wife now), let me tried Highland Fresh Dairy Products' Fresh Milk. We bought in the grocery half liter of each flavor: melon (aka cantaloupe) and chocolate. Love at first drink!!! The next day, as we strolled around the neighborhood, we came across a store that sells Highland Fresh Dairy Products' milk bar, the frozen version of the fresh milk. Since then, we buy milk bars to beat the (summer) heat.

Going back to present time, I am so amazed that the tour's first stop is the Highland Fresh Dairy Products' Factory, just like a kid on a school field trip.

This factory not only produces (flavored) fresh milk and milk bars, they also produce: yogurts, Gouda Cheese, and pure butter. Some variants of cheese like our beloved "kesong puti" and mozzarella cheese are made upon request or per order basis to guarantee freshness of the product.

Their milk comes from different dairy farms and cooperatives in region ten namely: Cagayan de Oro, Bukidnon and Misamis Oriental. Following the strict standards of the Department of Science and Technology and Department of Health, process around  4,000 litters of milk per month and being sold in different groceries and pasalubong centers in the region and as well as in different national food exhibits and expos.

Here in Cagayan de Oro, they have a store and office located at Rizal-Hayes Streets (near Lourdes College). Visit their website at to know more about them.

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