Friday, September 22, 2017

Burias Shoal of El Salvador City, Misamis Oriental

15 Sep 2017

PRELUDE: I am so thankful that I made the cut to be part of the City Tourism Office of El Salvador, Misamis Oriental's Media Tour Day. We visited about four tourism sites that the city are proud of. I'll share to you each site in different parts so that I won't flood a single article. Our next stop, Burias Shoal.

After some yummy treat of fresh milk, we went on to our next destination. after some road trip and 2 boat rides - the smaller boat lead to a bigger boat because the bigger boat can't make to shore - we reached Burias Shoal.

Burias Shoal is a sandbar that surfaces only during low tide. The city government made that shoal a marine protected area making a part of it a sanctuary to migratory green sea turtles, corals, giant clams and various species of fish.

The city government will make some facilities like a pier for boats for an easy access to the shoal. for sure, aqua and marine activities will come along so that it will be come one of best tourist spot of the city and of the province.

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