Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Viva! Missy Fiesta

Our beloved lady Missy Bon Bon has something great for the fiesta of Cagayan de Oro . Tourist and locals alike will definitely love the new pasalubong treats for their loved ones and friends.

Missy Bon Bon is now packed - heavily packed - with all Filipino goodies: like this all time favorite Polvoron which Missy Bon Bon made in different flavors;

and these cross cut chips - the better and healthier alternative to french fries;

and of course the all-time Kagay-anon treat to the world, the Pastel. Try my favorite hazelnut (spread) filled pastel.

They also have: baked peanuts, barquillos and cinnamon bread toast - the best for coffee breaks. you can view more photos here at my Official Facebook Page Site. while you are there pls do like and share.

Come to Missy Bon Bon now and experience the fiesta fever with these treats

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