Thursday, August 10, 2017

TSADA Cagayan de Oro Photowalk 2017

Yours truly with our friends from the (digital) media: Best Spots PH, Easy Rock 96.9MHz Cagayan de Oro, The Cagayan de Oro Times, CDODev, and Explorer's Channel would like to invite you to join us to the First TSADA Cagayan de Oro Photowalk.

This photowalk will also be my first and I dearly hope that we meet and greet there. The goal of this event is to promote our beloved city thru our lenses and resulting photographs: tourist destinations, cultural and historical sites, and of course the friendly people which Cagayan de Oro known for its golden friendship.

Everyone is invited just bring with you: your camera (no mater what kind) with extra batteries and memory cards/films;  a tripod if you have one; and yes your personal things like water, money, extra shirts for it will be a hot but joyous day.

So the plan is for us to gather in Plaza Divisoria at 6am so eat your breakfast ahead. then we will do the photowalk. The photo walk will be lead by a diversified lensman Mr. Clement Dampal II.

At lunch time we will meet again in 1A Express Hotel for the some lectures and advice from one of the experts in street photography Mr. Gian Maagad, the awarding of certificates will then soon follow. The said lectures will definitely can be used for the upcoming Higalaay Festival's Carnival Parade, Civic-Military Parade and Religious  Procession 

But first, pls do register first. Registration fee is 100 pesos only per person. The said fee is inclusive of certificate and a light snack treats. Do register at Apple Tree Resort and Hotel look for Miss Charity or Miss Socrit. Yes I know Apple Tree is abit far but look at it this way, after registration you can practice and know more of your gear(s). The seafood sotanghon gisado in Erlindo's is a great "pamper me" to treat yourself.

So, eats a date Aug 20, 6am, plaza divisoria. Kita Kits mga higala.

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