Saturday, August 19, 2017

Poke (poh-keh) Bowl Night at Seda Centrio

Seda Centrio, Cagayan de Oro's premier hotel, just launched their newest attraction in their Misto Restaurant, the Poke Bowls. Poke Bowl, is a native Hawaiian Cuisine, which means "to section". In layman's term is simply means "fish salad".

Our night started with some cocktails and pica-pica as we await the VIPs and other invited guess. itn was our time to say hello to our friends and new found friends. When the host invited us in the Sinamay Rooms, we are all surprised that the hall was set-up to become like a master chef theater. Thats where we started to think that we will make our own dish and true enough thats what we did.

Upon registration, we where handed out aprons, to be used in the activity and good thing we can bring it home. our tables was cleanly Mise en place both ingredients and tools. as we set into place, the wait staff place our fresh tuna on our plates.

Sir Armand Angeles lead us to make our own poke bowls. we did two poke meals. we mixed it using the instructions in the card and as sir Armand gave out the instructions. Now I understand! its a mix-and-match salad type dish. Poke bowl is a fish salad made out of fresh herb, chopped veggies and sauces plus a serving of cubes of fresh fish - we used tuna for this activity. here are my plates:

on my first dish, i mixed sesame oil, vinegar and soy sauce, then i used it to marinade the fish cubes. in a separate bowl i mixed my cucumber strings, mangoes and pineapple bits. Placed the salad into a bed of lettuce then topped with a cube of tuna, the rest of the tuna was place out side the salad. finally i sprinkled it with toasted sesame seeds.

After the first dish, wait staff replenished our mise en place with a new set of ingredients. This time instead of salad it more looks like a sushi with salsa in a bowl.

What i did here was i mixed the tuna and the tomato-mango-pineapple salsa and placed it on a bed of lettuce. put the mayo sauce (i forgot whats on it) on the side - sorry, i havent perfected the "streak" design. and placed the sushi rice on the side.

I really enjoyed our dishes. but i am more than happy when the host announced that the third dish is a market basket - we will be the one who will pick up our own preferred ingredients from the buffet table. do you want to know what i did on the third bowl? here it is, please dont laugh. its tasted good more than it looks.

what i did was to mix all up: tuna cubes, fried tofu cubes, soy sauce with chili garlic sauce, salsa and more salsa, and nori seaweed strips.

It was a fun great night and i hope you can come to Seda Centrio to experience first hand to make poke bowls. Seda Centrio's Poke Bowl is priced starts at 200 pesos per bowl.

For more photos of this event please visit and like my official facebook page. Kita kits mga higala sa Seda Centrio.

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