Thursday, August 24, 2017

Pohoda Spa and Sauna Media Day

Last 22nd of August, we were able to participate in Pohoda Spa and Sauna Media Day. after days of chasing photos and stories its about time to have this kind of time off. The co-owner gave us a sampling to their services. Like:

Nails Services: Mani-Pedi, Gel polish, Hand and Foot Spa.

Massage: Pohoda Signature (combo of Swedish and Balinese); Thai and; Foot Reflex

and of course the ladies ultimate love, facials and eyebrow/eyelash services

they offer more services, just head to Pohoda Spa and Sauna to know the whole list. as for me, i availed the waht they call "European Facial". I forgot the exact steps but what she did was wash with warm sponge, lotion or cream then wash again. ohhh that warm sponge really made me feel relaxed, its like hot towel before meals. then another sets of cream/lotion, vacuum cleaning, poke-poke my blackheads then steam. then laser. ohhh her massages on my face specially on my forehead really tickles me.

of course my face did not changed right there and then, but what i felt is that my oily face is not yet greasy until now its been 2 days already. unlike before even after bath my facial oils will burst out. ill definitely have this facial treatment every week or two.

the name Pohoda was taken from a Slovak term means "peace". True to its name, you will be at peace and relaxed in every service they do. The spa is so clean, the design was inspired from a Balinese garden. relaxing music is on the air. the crew / therapist do their service properly and very well. i will go back for more for the price is competitively worth every cent. my happiest gratitude to miss Neshel and her crew for this well deserved pampering.

Head now to Pohoda Spa and Sauna, they are located at Corrales-Hayes. as for me, ill be there next week and every week there after.

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