Saturday, August 19, 2017

Kahimunan Trade Fair 2017

This year's Kahimnunan Trade Fair is located at - to a bigger and wider venue - SM CDO Downtown Premier.

The term "kahimunan" is from a Lumad (one of many tribes of Mindanao) word which means “gathering”. It is a way to show the locals' big gratitude towards their Patron Saint for blessings received thru bountiful harvest and good business deals.

Many local products are currently exhibited. From produce: like coffee, coffee variations, fruit and/or vegetable extracts.

Handmade textiles which i dearly love because it shows the rich and colorful culture of (Northern) Mindanao Tribes and locals.

Handy-crafts from bags, dolls, and other household decors even furniture.

And of course my ultimate favorite during Kahimunan Trade Fair is the SALE of food products. Not just any products that can be seen and bought in many pasalubong centers. the products on display came from different parts of the region thus this is the only time to see them, buy them and of course enjoy them.

Like that of Brownie Bites. We can buy Brownie Bites in all psalubong centers and in the airport BUT its their first time to sell the two new variants at the Kahimunan Trade Fair: the Crispy Brownies and; the Cashew Crunch. Truly, this trade fair served as a launch pad to every new products in the region. for more photos visit and like my Official Facebook Page.

You can visit and buy at the Kahimunan Trade Fair at the SM CDO Premier which runs today August 18 until the 29th. See you there mga higala.

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