Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Centrio Movie Guide for Aug 9 to 15

New movies are now up at Centrio Cinemas. #SeeItAtAyalaMallsCinemas #ILoveAyalaMallsCinemas

Armed Response is about a group of elite law enforcers serving an armed response to an unknown enemy in a (local) penitentiary.

Rough Night is about a group of (best) friends who have a rough night in their bridal shower.

Well Kita Kita is still in the board for two or three weeks now. It's about a boy and a girl who found love in spite of their own imperfection.

Finally Found Someone is about a girl and a boy who found love in their quest of "moving forward".

Double Barrel is to me is a observer's view about the current situation of war on illegal drugs that our PNP calls "oplan: Double Barrel".

Log on to for ticket reservations. Screening time might change without prior notice.

See you there mga higala. See you in Centrio Cinema

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