Sunday, August 27, 2017

Miss Cagayan de Oro 2017 and her Court

My warmest greetings of congratulations to the new royal court of Miss Cagayan de Oro 2017

Photo: Sir Tom Udasco

Miss Cagayan de Oro 2017 - #7 Katrina Zayas Acaylar (middle)
1st Runner Up - #8 Meg Cui Bacareza (2nd from left)
2nd Runner Up - #10 Jaymee Hana Padilla (rightmost)
3rd Runner Up - #3 Alexa Alexa Amicò Patriana (2nd from right)
4th Runner Up - #5 Marianne Mar Serenuela (leftmost)

Me and Miss Kat after the Long Gown Competition

Praying that your reign will become grandeur and may one - if not all - of you will represent us and our city in any national and international pageant.

Me and Miss CDO 2016 after the Miss CDO 2017's swimsuit competition

also my gratitude to Miss Cagayan de Oro 2016 miss Sherlyn Doloriel for the great rein and representing our city in the Miss Earth Philippines. Thank too to my photography sin sei sir Tom Udasco for letting me use his photo for this post.

Friday, August 25, 2017

Higalaay Street Festival 2017: FINAL Update

Yes mga higala, this would be my final update for our Higalaay Street Festival year 3. please be reminded with this some friendly tips for our FULL #hsFUNity party:

Of course, dont forget your tickets. No ticket, no entry, no drinks. sayang naman :( so dont forget it. Similarly, dont loose your ticket while at the party. not only for souvenir but also for mutual security.

charge up your gadgets like your smartphones, pocket wifi and powerbanks. :whispers: we have a gimik that needs your post in all social media, so better charge up. and of course, cellphone load. charge it too better yet register for unli or bigger data allowance.

bring some extra cash. even thou that there is alot of freebies, you will still be ready for some needs arises like food, water, and other premium & limited edition items.

get ready to be "wet and wild". we will have some gimiks like foams, water splashes and other surprises. have your gadgets be waterproofed. waterproof pouches sells at 50 pesos on site.

gates opens by 3pm. when you enter the party venue, bring in also the "higalaay" spirit with you: fun. loving. united.

Security and Emergency units and personnel are on stand by in all strategic points. all they need is our cooperation.

as of now thats it, see you there mga higala... woot woot!!!!

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Pohoda Spa and Sauna Media Day

Last 22nd of August, we were able to participate in Pohoda Spa and Sauna Media Day. after days of chasing photos and stories its about time to have this kind of time off. The co-owner gave us a sampling to their services. Like:

Nails Services: Mani-Pedi, Gel polish, Hand and Foot Spa.

Massage: Pohoda Signature (combo of Swedish and Balinese); Thai and; Foot Reflex

and of course the ladies ultimate love, facials and eyebrow/eyelash services

they offer more services, just head to Pohoda Spa and Sauna to know the whole list. as for me, i availed the waht they call "European Facial". I forgot the exact steps but what she did was wash with warm sponge, lotion or cream then wash again. ohhh that warm sponge really made me feel relaxed, its like hot towel before meals. then another sets of cream/lotion, vacuum cleaning, poke-poke my blackheads then steam. then laser. ohhh her massages on my face specially on my forehead really tickles me.

of course my face did not changed right there and then, but what i felt is that my oily face is not yet greasy until now its been 2 days already. unlike before even after bath my facial oils will burst out. ill definitely have this facial treatment every week or two.

the name Pohoda was taken from a Slovak term means "peace". True to its name, you will be at peace and relaxed in every service they do. The spa is so clean, the design was inspired from a Balinese garden. relaxing music is on the air. the crew / therapist do their service properly and very well. i will go back for more for the price is competitively worth every cent. my happiest gratitude to miss Neshel and her crew for this well deserved pampering.

Head now to Pohoda Spa and Sauna, they are located at Corrales-Hayes. as for me, ill be there next week and every week there after.

Krispy Kreme Opens 4th CdeO Branch

Our beloved doughnuts and coffee chain, Krispy Kreme, opens its 4th Cagayan de Oro branch. Located in SM CDO Downtown Premier, on the ground floor near the main entrance, just below the escalators.

They are serving freshly made doughnuts and freshly brewed coffee both hot and cold (iced and chillers). I am encouraging you to try the "Kit Kat Green Tea" and the "Ultimate Chocolate Chiller". Perfect combination for your sweet tooth.

The new ultimate chocolate chiller is priced at 160 pesos for the medium drink and the large drink is 180 pesos. this combo is my current favorite at the moment. try it, its really good trust me.

There is also a promo going on, sorry i really forgot, im not paying attention to the speaker since im in choco-matcha heaven at that time, but the friendly crew will surely help you avail the promo.

so see you there, there's alot of happy-ning right now in SM CDO Premier for this Higalaay Fiesta Month. kita kits mga higala

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Higalaay Street Festival 2017: Update 05

woot!!! woot!!!

charge up your gadgets and party spirit. 3 more days to the much awaited party in the city.

For those who are concerned, be assured that all safety nets are on place to ward off any KJs to our party.

All we have to do is to bring all our friends to the party and enjoy. the more the merrier so secure your tickets and tshirts now. you can get it on our official ticket booth at the entrance of Ayala Centrio Mall's Activity Center.

see you on aug 26 mga higala!!!! woot!!! woot!!!

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Higalaay Street Festival 2017: Update 04

woot woot!!!! 7 more days mga higala...

i hope you already have your tickets and tshirts. if not, please go to our official ticket booth in Ayala Centrio Mall, near the activity center entrance. There is one also inside the Liceo de Cagayan University Campus. We promise a great and grandest night full of fun, friendship, of course, drinks and party music for our local, national and international DJs.

bring the whole barkada, the more the merrier right?! so see you there mga higala!!!!

DISCLAIMER: All photos and/or artworks in this post are NOT MINE.

Sky Bar's VIP Night and Grand Opening

After a few weeks from it's soft opening, Sky Bar, the newest hip and cool place to wine and dine, is now officially and grandly opens to the public.

The VIP night was graced by different "IT" people of Cagayan de Oro: Miss Cagayan de Oro 2017 with Ms. Mags Cue; Passionista Ladies with Ms. Kitchie Uy; and CDO Bloggers just to name a few. I left a bit early due to the rains, I am having a hard time to go home late at night specially when it rains. Someone said to me that many more VIPs came after the rains.

Party Music by DJ Kitty G

It was a night of music and drinks and I guess it would be the same fun and enjoyable every night thereafter. So come to Sky bar and see for yourselves the true meaning of wine, dine and chill. Sky Bar is located at the 3rd floor of Cagayan Town Center (many locals and taxi drivers call it yakimix bldg) A.Luna corner V.Roa streets. Entrance fee is about 100 pesos per head.

for more photos from this event is in my Official Facebook Page. While you are there please like and share it too. thanks. Kita kits sa Sky Bar mga higala

Poke (poh-keh) Bowl Night at Seda Centrio

Seda Centrio, Cagayan de Oro's premier hotel, just launched their newest attraction in their Misto Restaurant, the Poke Bowls. Poke Bowl, is a native Hawaiian Cuisine, which means "to section". In layman's term is simply means "fish salad".

Our night started with some cocktails and pica-pica as we await the VIPs and other invited guess. itn was our time to say hello to our friends and new found friends. When the host invited us in the Sinamay Rooms, we are all surprised that the hall was set-up to become like a master chef theater. Thats where we started to think that we will make our own dish and true enough thats what we did.

Upon registration, we where handed out aprons, to be used in the activity and good thing we can bring it home. our tables was cleanly Mise en place both ingredients and tools. as we set into place, the wait staff place our fresh tuna on our plates.

Sir Armand Angeles lead us to make our own poke bowls. we did two poke meals. we mixed it using the instructions in the card and as sir Armand gave out the instructions. Now I understand! its a mix-and-match salad type dish. Poke bowl is a fish salad made out of fresh herb, chopped veggies and sauces plus a serving of cubes of fresh fish - we used tuna for this activity. here are my plates:

on my first dish, i mixed sesame oil, vinegar and soy sauce, then i used it to marinade the fish cubes. in a separate bowl i mixed my cucumber strings, mangoes and pineapple bits. Placed the salad into a bed of lettuce then topped with a cube of tuna, the rest of the tuna was place out side the salad. finally i sprinkled it with toasted sesame seeds.

After the first dish, wait staff replenished our mise en place with a new set of ingredients. This time instead of salad it more looks like a sushi with salsa in a bowl.

What i did here was i mixed the tuna and the tomato-mango-pineapple salsa and placed it on a bed of lettuce. put the mayo sauce (i forgot whats on it) on the side - sorry, i havent perfected the "streak" design. and placed the sushi rice on the side.

I really enjoyed our dishes. but i am more than happy when the host announced that the third dish is a market basket - we will be the one who will pick up our own preferred ingredients from the buffet table. do you want to know what i did on the third bowl? here it is, please dont laugh. its tasted good more than it looks.

what i did was to mix all up: tuna cubes, fried tofu cubes, soy sauce with chili garlic sauce, salsa and more salsa, and nori seaweed strips.

It was a fun great night and i hope you can come to Seda Centrio to experience first hand to make poke bowls. Seda Centrio's Poke Bowl is priced starts at 200 pesos per bowl.

For more photos of this event please visit and like my official facebook page. Kita kits mga higala sa Seda Centrio.

Kahimunan Trade Fair 2017

This year's Kahimnunan Trade Fair is located at - to a bigger and wider venue - SM CDO Downtown Premier.

The term "kahimunan" is from a Lumad (one of many tribes of Mindanao) word which means “gathering”. It is a way to show the locals' big gratitude towards their Patron Saint for blessings received thru bountiful harvest and good business deals.

Many local products are currently exhibited. From produce: like coffee, coffee variations, fruit and/or vegetable extracts.

Handmade textiles which i dearly love because it shows the rich and colorful culture of (Northern) Mindanao Tribes and locals.

Handy-crafts from bags, dolls, and other household decors even furniture.

And of course my ultimate favorite during Kahimunan Trade Fair is the SALE of food products. Not just any products that can be seen and bought in many pasalubong centers. the products on display came from different parts of the region thus this is the only time to see them, buy them and of course enjoy them.

Like that of Brownie Bites. We can buy Brownie Bites in all psalubong centers and in the airport BUT its their first time to sell the two new variants at the Kahimunan Trade Fair: the Crispy Brownies and; the Cashew Crunch. Truly, this trade fair served as a launch pad to every new products in the region. for more photos visit and like my Official Facebook Page.

You can visit and buy at the Kahimunan Trade Fair at the SM CDO Premier which runs today August 18 until the 29th. See you there mga higala.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino 2017 Movie Schedule

Here are the movie schedule for the Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino at the Centrio Cinema on Wednesday, August 16th.

Regular Admission Price: P150
Student Rate: P100
Enjoy also our 4+1 Barkada Promo (this applies only for regular admission). For every single purchase of four (4) tickets for one (1) film, customers will get one (1) ticket for free.

Salvage by Sherad Anthony Sanchez is on Cinema 3 12:50pm and 2:40pm;

Bar Boys by Kip Oebanda is also in Cinema 3 4:40pm, 6:50pm and 9pm as last full show;

Hamog by Ralston Jover is on Cinema 4 1pm and 3pm;

Patay na si Hesus by Victor Kaiba Villanueva is on cinema 4 5pm, 7pm, 9pm as last full show;

Triptiko by Miguel Franco Michelena will be shown in Cinema 1 12:30 pm and 3:10pm;

AWOL by Enzo Williams is also in Cinema 1 5:50pm; 7:25 and 9pm as last full show;

Ang Manananggal sa Unit 23B by Prime Crisologo Cruz is on Cinema 2 12:40pm and 2:25pm;

lastly, 100 Tula Para Kay Stella by Jason  Paul Laxamana is also in Cinema 2 4:10pm, 6:35pm and 9pm as last full show.

the other four (4) movies: Birdshot by Mikhail Red; Paglipay - Crossing by Zig Dulay; Pauwi Na by Paolo Villaluna; and Star na si Van Damme Stallone by Randolph Longjas will be shown on different day(s) so visit again for more updates.

See you at Centrio Cinema mga higala! #PPP2017 #SeeItAtAyalaMallsCinemas #ILoveAyalaMallsCinemas

Viva! Missy Fiesta

Our beloved lady Missy Bon Bon has something great for the fiesta of Cagayan de Oro . Tourist and locals alike will definitely love the new pasalubong treats for their loved ones and friends.

Missy Bon Bon is now packed - heavily packed - with all Filipino goodies: like this all time favorite Polvoron which Missy Bon Bon made in different flavors;

and these cross cut chips - the better and healthier alternative to french fries;

and of course the all-time Kagay-anon treat to the world, the Pastel. Try my favorite hazelnut (spread) filled pastel.

They also have: baked peanuts, barquillos and cinnamon bread toast - the best for coffee breaks. you can view more photos here at my Official Facebook Page Site. while you are there pls do like and share.

Come to Missy Bon Bon now and experience the fiesta fever with these treats

Monday, August 14, 2017

Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino at Centrio Cinema

This coming 16th of August until the 22nd, Centrio Cinema together with her sister Ayala Cinemas, will have a film fest of Filipino films.

My friends and I are invading Centrio Cinemas and we all hope that we will bump on each other. Kita kits mga higala.. oppps by the way, before going inside the cinema, please order a set or two of this amazing nachos.

believe me this is better than the good old popcorns. see you in the cinemas.

Miss Cagayan de Oro 2017: Long Gown Competition

The 12 lovely - and this time may i add - gorgeous and elegant candidates ramp up 2 sets of gowns for the this Long Gown Competition. The first set showcased the elegant and royal fabrics of Mindanao. The second set is their official long gown for the competition.

For the Full Album of this blog, pls visit the my Facebook Page Site. While you are there, pls do like and share . Thank you so much.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

TSADA Cagayan de Oro Photowalk 2017

Yours truly with our friends from the (digital) media: Best Spots PH, Easy Rock 96.9MHz Cagayan de Oro, The Cagayan de Oro Times, CDODev, and Explorer's Channel would like to invite you to join us to the First TSADA Cagayan de Oro Photowalk.

This photowalk will also be my first and I dearly hope that we meet and greet there. The goal of this event is to promote our beloved city thru our lenses and resulting photographs: tourist destinations, cultural and historical sites, and of course the friendly people which Cagayan de Oro known for its golden friendship.

Everyone is invited just bring with you: your camera (no mater what kind) with extra batteries and memory cards/films;  a tripod if you have one; and yes your personal things like water, money, extra shirts for it will be a hot but joyous day.

So the plan is for us to gather in Plaza Divisoria at 6am so eat your breakfast ahead. then we will do the photowalk. The photo walk will be lead by a diversified lensman Mr. Clement Dampal II.

At lunch time we will meet again in 1A Express Hotel for the some lectures and advice from one of the experts in street photography Mr. Gian Maagad, the awarding of certificates will then soon follow. The said lectures will definitely can be used for the upcoming Higalaay Festival's Carnival Parade, Civic-Military Parade and Religious  Procession 

But first, pls do register first. Registration fee is 100 pesos only per person. The said fee is inclusive of certificate and a light snack treats. Do register at Apple Tree Resort and Hotel look for Miss Charity or Miss Socrit. Yes I know Apple Tree is abit far but look at it this way, after registration you can practice and know more of your gear(s). The seafood sotanghon gisado in Erlindo's is a great "pamper me" to treat yourself.

So, eats a date Aug 20, 6am, plaza divisoria. Kita Kits mga higala.

Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Centrio Movie Guide for Aug 9 to 15

New movies are now up at Centrio Cinemas. #SeeItAtAyalaMallsCinemas #ILoveAyalaMallsCinemas

Armed Response is about a group of elite law enforcers serving an armed response to an unknown enemy in a (local) penitentiary.

Rough Night is about a group of (best) friends who have a rough night in their bridal shower.

Well Kita Kita is still in the board for two or three weeks now. It's about a boy and a girl who found love in spite of their own imperfection.

Finally Found Someone is about a girl and a boy who found love in their quest of "moving forward".

Double Barrel is to me is a observer's view about the current situation of war on illegal drugs that our PNP calls "oplan: Double Barrel".

Log on to for ticket reservations. Screening time might change without prior notice.

See you there mga higala. See you in Centrio Cinema

Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Higalaay Street Festival 2017: Update 03

For those who are asking where we can buy tickets and shirts for the Higalaay Street Festival Year 3. The organizers set up a booth in Ayala Centrio Mall.

The last time i went there, they are located near the entrance door of the activity center. Get your tickets and shirts now. Ticket priced at 250 pesos for General Admition and 500 pesos for VIP ares. Visit us at out both located at the centrio near event center. Believe me its sells so fast when I came there. See you there mga higala. for more updates pls visit and like the official facebook page of Higalaay Street Festival

Monday, August 07, 2017

Bb El Salvador 2017: Swimsuit Competition

14 lovely candidates from different barangays are vying for the title to become ambassadress of goodwill, tourism and of course beauty of the City of El Salvador, Misamis Oriental. Yours truly is so lucky enough to cover this event thanks to our friends in Cagayan Times and City Tourism Office of El Salvador City. This event was held in Apple Tree Resort and Hotel last 6th of August 2017.

Here are the candidates in their swimwear. Here's the WHOLE ALBUM in my Facebook Page

Andrea Leslie Setonay - Brgy Sinaloc

Wincy Razon - Brgy Bolisong

Amber Ann Acaylar - Brgy Ulaliman

Hannah Edrina - Brgy Poblacion

Kimberly Jay Tundan - Brgy Taytay

Rose Ann Igloria - Brgy Hinigdaan

Alessa Mae Generol - Brgy Cogon

Leonora Batalla - Brgy Quibonbon

Reah Balasabas - Brgy Sambulawan

Menchie Unsay - Brgy Pedro sa Baculio

Florian Nacua - Brgy Amoros

Jeaneth Gabule - Brgy Himaya

Aprilyn Namocot - Brgy Molugan

Lhiesel Mae Abucay - Brgy Kalabaylabay