Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The Big Apple Pizza Co Media Day

That late night - shall we say midnight - craving kicks in. I am a foodie and I want to eat every time stress kicks me. I am craving for pizza and I want to go to my fave pizza place ASAP. A few minutes later, a personal message comes in and guess what!!! They are inviting me to a media event for a pizza company. Thank God for the answered cravings.

Before the boodle fight of the 20inch pizza, our host gave us these:

I love this creamy fettuccine, the grilled chicken that tops it is perfectly done. They are offering another five pasta dishes: Spaghetti Puttanesca, Spaghetti in Tomato Meat Sauce, Zitti, Backed Mac and Chicken Creamy Pesto.

The buffalo wings are also perfect. Nice blend of sweet and spice (hot), not oily too. it comes in 3s (as featured in the above photo), 6s and 12s. They also offer 1pc Fried Chicken with Rice or Pasta.

At last!!! The 20 inches hand tossed New York style pizza

Our host custom made the pizza just for us. The host said that the pizza can be purchased by slice, half pan and whole pan.

In this pan, i think it has 7 different flavors out of 11 that they are offering. the crust is not so thin yet not so think too, that's the perfect crust for me. the toppings are generous too and not oily. great isn't it?

Come to The Big Apple Pizza Co, and experience New York at your table. The are conveniently located the 4th floor of SM CDO Downtown Premier's Food Hall.

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