Thursday, July 06, 2017

My First at Spicy Elements CdeO

SM CDO Downtown Premier (SM CDO Premier) opened to the public last 12th of May 2017, Due to some instances of life, I only came there last 28th of June 2017. The first thing or should I say, the first shop I tried was the "Spicy Elements".

Located at - the most coziest floor of all SM branches i ever been - the 5th Floor. why coziest? the floor houses some of the big food shops in the city. Each store/shop have wide spaces for more tables for big gatherings. and the big corridor  have carpet like mats for us to sleep onto after eating. Lastly, on the other side of the floor is the sky garden for more touch of nature in this concrete jungle and a view of the city.

Since its my first time to try Spicy Elements, I ordered small - fit for a soloist - and the most recommended signature dish, the baby back ribs.

Their Signature Ribs comes in two variants: the one without sausages and; the other have 3 kinds of sausages - Bratwurst, Hungarian and Andouille. It also comes in three sizes: solo, duo and family. All have a choice of rice or mashed potato and sides. Don't worry, the friendly waiter(ess) will definitely help you with these choices.

My order was Solo Signature Ribs with Sausages and Coleslaw as side. At the first glance of my order I thought its too small thus i reminded myself that i ordered solo. As I eat, I realized that this ribs needs more soda and rice. Whew! I think this is good for two. now I wonder how big the duo and the family sized are. Good thing i still have time before my next appointment thus i really did savor the moment to enjoy it.


Crew = friendly and accommodating.
Service = great and fast.
Store = nice
Washrooms = yes they have and its clean.

Best time to be there = at night for that live band or DJ mixed sounds
Coming Back? = YES
Budget = Need a little extra but its worth it.

Next dish to Try = sisig, laing and kinunot.

See you soon Spicy Elements.

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