Tuesday, July 25, 2017

J Square Bazaar VIP and Media Day

A group of friends come up with an idea to give opportunities to aspiring start-up businesses thus a concept mini-mall was created.

J Square Bazaar is an upcoming mini-mall in the city. It houses about 8 stalls at the ground floor for food, apparel, gadgets and a lot more. At the second floor houses a spa and a eventologist office. As of this moment, they still have more stalls up for grabs. Please call (0905) 962-6004, hurry, for this space is just in a limited number.

Opening this coming Friday - July 28, 2017. The opening event will start with a motorcade then  followed a program which is not yet disclosed for some surprises and excitement to both tenants and customers. I heard that an internet sensation known as "Medio Maldito" will grace the event. With him are some of the hottest talents and models of the city.

with the owners of J Square Bazaar and yours truly 

So come and join us for this one good event. Thats July 28, Friday at around 10am. They are located along Corrales Street, infront of Hotel Xentro. Kita Kits mga higala.

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