Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Healthy Diet Starts with Fruits and Veggies

Don't fret, I'm not asking you to become a total vegan, but if you want to, I will not stop you either. Let this article persuade you.

From the very start of my wife's carcinoma journey, we came across with a motivational speaker and cancer survivor who claims that he beaten cancer with just fruits and veggies - carrot to be more exact. No pharmaceutical treatment just fruits and veggies that he/many calls it FARMaceuticals treatment.

Roadside Fruitstand somewhere in Valencia City, Bukidnon

As we go along his articles - believe me its ALOT of articles - one thing that struck us, he said that he took 2.5 pounds of carrots everyday. He never mentioned how he took it : did he took it by slicing it and eat it like chips or; did he juiced it or just blending; did he added something. So we surfed the internet again and came out with this statement "five (5) servings of fruits and vegetables a day. One serving is equivalent to one cup or 400grams"

OH DEAR!!! Thats a lot of carrots to munch on. So during my wife's chemotherapy what we did was to blend 800grams of carrots plus 3 cups of alkaline water to make about a liter. I'm not kidding, it has a high earthy taste. So we need to somehow diffuse the earthy taste so that it will not be stressfull to drink. So what we did was we blended 400grams plus 400 grams of banana plus 400 grams of apple plus 2 cups of alkaline water to make about a liter. At least the earthy carrot taste became more tolerable to drink. We also used cucumber instead of water. My wife drink this one glass at a time.

Soursop and Mangosteen  are good cancer fighters they say so we had it too

Good thing other fruits come in season. Aside from the blended drink she also ate other fruits - soursop and mangosteen - as is (peeled of course) as her snacks. So during her carcinoma journey, she ate alot of fruits and veggies. That somehow help her minimized the chemo effect. She also requested to have soup (as viand) made of malunggay (moringa) and other leafy veggies.

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