Thursday, July 06, 2017

Bring me to Life: Back to Regular Blogging

Hi there,

A pleasant day to you, I hope that you are in doing good!

Sorry for not blogging for many months now. I've been on many good events and gathered many stories to blog about and I thank you for still following me in spite of my absence. For now, as I gather up the pieces and (getting ready)  moving on unto my next chapter in life, I will try to blog in baby steps.

I thank all who comforted me with their hugs, kisses (beso-beso bitaw) and words of encouragement. These really made all broken pieces fuse together. I also thank those - specially to all strangers - who shared their love and blessings.

Starting today, hopefully, I can make one blog a day and start new page, new friendship and new opportunities (and colaborations of course) rolling.

love lots


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