Monday, July 31, 2017

Centrio Movie Guide for Jul 30

The latest Movie Schedule for Centrio Cinema

Log on to for ticket reservations. Screening time might change without prior notice.

See you there mga higala.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Miss Cagayan de Oro 2017 : Swimsuit Competition

The Miss Cagayan de Oro 2017 is getting hotter and hotter as the coronation night gets nearer and nearer. Last night, 29th of July 2017

The lovely candidates are wearing: swim wear from coco cabaƱa; Shoes from Gibi Shoes; Accessories from SM Store. View this link for the individual photos of the candidates. I did not posted it here to prevent flooding.

The next phase of the competition will be the Long Gown Competition and Fashion Show which will be held at the SM CDO Downtown this coming August. Hope to see you there.

Royal Panda Brings Asia to Manticao

Last July 8, locals and road travelers to and from Cagayan de Oro to Iligan, had a taste of Asia in Manticao as Royal Panda softly opened. I got an invitation from them as they opened grandly 20 days after. It was my first time to be in Manticao that is why I never hesitated to go even if there are military check points along the 2 hour ride. The Opening of Red Panda is officiated by their (family) owners and by the Mayor and Vice Mayor of Manticao.

I really love Ms. Jane's story about the resto and how their willingness to share to locals the true taste of asia to them. Manticao once a sleepy town will definitely be vibrant (in the near future) because of Royal Panda's presence. They also cater for travelers for they have a nearby gas station, carwash, a prayer room for our beloved muslim friends and a convenience store.

Royal Panda specializes in Dimsums and Chinese Cuisine with a Filipino twist. I really love their dimsum, I think a got 10 servings. hehehe. Aside from its yummy goodness, the price is literally affordable. Their buffet is also reasonably priced and they have a twist in the pricing.

In a buffet, I only heard about two set ups: first is my ultimate favorite, you get all you can eat; the second one is what they call controlled buffet wherein a server puts a serving on your plate and come back for more as you can eat. Royal Panda has a new twist. they weight and price your a serving you get so that you will only pay what you get and eat. It's just right, right?

Facade. Photo taken from Royal Panda Facebook Page. My Photo is overexposed.

Royal Panda is located in PPA Caltex in Poblacion, Manticao, Misamis Oriental. If you are from CdeO or from the airport, its the first caltex station on your right. Visit Royal Panda now and experience Asia in a plate. Also Visit, Like and Follow their Facebook page @royalpandasynasty for more details specially for the menu and promos.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Healthy Diet Starts with Fruits and Veggies

Don't fret, I'm not asking you to become a total vegan, but if you want to, I will not stop you either. Let this article persuade you.

From the very start of my wife's carcinoma journey, we came across with a motivational speaker and cancer survivor who claims that he beaten cancer with just fruits and veggies - carrot to be more exact. No pharmaceutical treatment just fruits and veggies that he/many calls it FARMaceuticals treatment.

Roadside Fruitstand somewhere in Valencia City, Bukidnon

As we go along his articles - believe me its ALOT of articles - one thing that struck us, he said that he took 2.5 pounds of carrots everyday. He never mentioned how he took it : did he took it by slicing it and eat it like chips or; did he juiced it or just blending; did he added something. So we surfed the internet again and came out with this statement "five (5) servings of fruits and vegetables a day. One serving is equivalent to one cup or 400grams"

OH DEAR!!! Thats a lot of carrots to munch on. So during my wife's chemotherapy what we did was to blend 800grams of carrots plus 3 cups of alkaline water to make about a liter. I'm not kidding, it has a high earthy taste. So we need to somehow diffuse the earthy taste so that it will not be stressfull to drink. So what we did was we blended 400grams plus 400 grams of banana plus 400 grams of apple plus 2 cups of alkaline water to make about a liter. At least the earthy carrot taste became more tolerable to drink. We also used cucumber instead of water. My wife drink this one glass at a time.

Soursop and Mangosteen  are good cancer fighters they say so we had it too

Good thing other fruits come in season. Aside from the blended drink she also ate other fruits - soursop and mangosteen - as is (peeled of course) as her snacks. So during her carcinoma journey, she ate alot of fruits and veggies. That somehow help her minimized the chemo effect. She also requested to have soup (as viand) made of malunggay (moringa) and other leafy veggies.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

J Square Bazaar VIP and Media Day

A group of friends come up with an idea to give opportunities to aspiring start-up businesses thus a concept mini-mall was created.

J Square Bazaar is an upcoming mini-mall in the city. It houses about 8 stalls at the ground floor for food, apparel, gadgets and a lot more. At the second floor houses a spa and a eventologist office. As of this moment, they still have more stalls up for grabs. Please call (0905) 962-6004, hurry, for this space is just in a limited number.

Opening this coming Friday - July 28, 2017. The opening event will start with a motorcade then  followed a program which is not yet disclosed for some surprises and excitement to both tenants and customers. I heard that an internet sensation known as "Medio Maldito" will grace the event. With him are some of the hottest talents and models of the city.

with the owners of J Square Bazaar and yours truly 

So come and join us for this one good event. Thats July 28, Friday at around 10am. They are located along Corrales Street, infront of Hotel Xentro. Kita Kits mga higala.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Choose Water Over Any Drink

DISCLAIMER: this is not a paid post and/or endorsement to any brands and/or companies mentioned herein.

Last year, I surfed the internet searching for (scientific) articles or post regarding cancer. One of many topics that captured my curiosity is about choosing water over any drink. If I will sum up the articles regarding water for cancer patients is this: cancer lives in a acidic environment thus we must make our body to have a high pH level to kill the cancer and its environment.

One way of making our body high in pH level is choosing water over any drink. Since not all water are created equal, they (the articles) are recommending the "alkaline water." In the market today, we have four (4) kinds of  drinking water available: Spring aka mineral water; Purified; Distilled and Alkaline. We chosen Nature Spring Red as our alkaline water source since its the only brand that we can afford and its name is also trustworthy.

Photo NOT mine. Taken from Nature Spring Website. All Rights Reserved to the Owner.

Aside from drinking alkaline water, we refrained also from drinking milk, coffee, soda, tea and hot choco. BUT in case we crave - we can not totally ban it fo life - as a substitute, we drink soy bean milk (aka soya milk) and teas from the leaves of: guyabano (soursop); and malungay (moringa). Of course I will be a hypocrite if i say we totally stopped drinking those acidic drinks. YES of course we still do drink it BUT right now in a very minimal serving as possible.

MORE TIPS to make drinking water (both noun and verb) more pleasurable and more healthy:

* add one piece of lemon in every liter of water. Just slice up the lemons and mix it to your water.  Add mint leaves if desired. The next day, drink a glass or two upon waking up (yes in empty stomach). You can add honey too to sweeten it. Lemons are acidic by nature BUT it becomes base or alkaline if mixed up with water and when it metabolized in our body.

* mix a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and a tablespoon of honey into a glass (8oz) of water. Drink this on empty stomach. This drink is also proven to help lose weight.

* Drink 2 glasses of water upon waking up to activate our internal organs

* To reduce indigestion, drink up a glass of water or two before main meals (lunch or dinner) preferably 30min before eating.

* Drink a glass of water before taking a bath to lower blood pressure.

* Lastly drink a glass of water before going to sleep to help you reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack.

with those tips, you can now have a reason to met your 8-12 glasses of water intake per day.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Higalaay Street Festival 2017 : Update 01

Unity. Fun. Party. Just three goals of these years Higalaay Street Festival. The official friendship party of the Higalaay Festival. Happy-ning this 26th of August 2017.

Artwork by the Higalaay Street Festival Committee

I heard that many local and international disk jocks (DJ) are interested to play and party with us here in CDO Bar (at  Rodelsa Circle). The first who confirmed to play is DJ Garuda. One of the great DJs that turned the heat and the beats at Dreamland (Tacloban) and Boracay Music Festival.

Artwork by the Higalaay Street Festival Committee

There will be more DJs to come. We will post another log as soon as the updates comes. For the mean time, save the date that 26th of August and come here in Cagayan de Oro City.

Make Music. Love. Not War. #hsFUNnity

Friday, July 21, 2017

Kagay-an Festival 2017

The merry month August is fast approching and the Kagay-an Festival is now the talk of the town...well make that talk of the city hehe...and the best way to celebrate it is to promote friendship thus the word "Higalaay".

Artwork by City Information Office Cagayan de Oro City

The City Fiesta Committee along side with the City Information Office and City Tourism Council, are inviting everyone to join us the celebration of the feast of our patron saint Senyor San Agustin. Here are the scheduled CORE events. Please click the photo to zoom in. Many thanks to the CIO officer for allowing me to post these photos.

Also, please visit the Official Festival Facebook Page for more updates.

Artwork by City Information Office Cagayan de Oro City

and as always say #kitakitsmgahigala #eatsgoodtobeincdo

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Chino's Deli Opening and Media Day

I am so thankful for the gift of friends. One blogger friend ask me to join them in this opening day of Chino's Deli at the Food Hall of SM CDO Downtown Premier.

Chino's Deli - well from its name - was first known in making and selling delicatessen. Then now they ventured in making sandwiches that uses their deli products. Here are some of their products:

Chori Burger

Tokyo Crib

Ultimate Sandwich - This is a buy 1 take 1 promo for the first 25 customers

Son of a Gun Burger

They also have 2 more sandwich variants:  Fish Fillet Sandwich and; Flat Iron.

Aside from the sandwiches, they also serve Fries (others call it wedges); salad; and buffalo wings to compliment their sandwiches.

Ranch Salad

Spicy Wings

For more photos, visit my FB page @agent112778dotcom . While you are there, please do like and follow my page. Thanks.

Chino's Deli is located at the Food Hall of SM CDO Downtown Premier. #EATSgoodtobeinCDO

PS: thanks to @rubsonline for the invite. Thankful for meeting my socmedia friends once again.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The Big Apple Pizza Co Media Day

That late night - shall we say midnight - craving kicks in. I am a foodie and I want to eat every time stress kicks me. I am craving for pizza and I want to go to my fave pizza place ASAP. A few minutes later, a personal message comes in and guess what!!! They are inviting me to a media event for a pizza company. Thank God for the answered cravings.

Before the boodle fight of the 20inch pizza, our host gave us these:

I love this creamy fettuccine, the grilled chicken that tops it is perfectly done. They are offering another five pasta dishes: Spaghetti Puttanesca, Spaghetti in Tomato Meat Sauce, Zitti, Backed Mac and Chicken Creamy Pesto.

The buffalo wings are also perfect. Nice blend of sweet and spice (hot), not oily too. it comes in 3s (as featured in the above photo), 6s and 12s. They also offer 1pc Fried Chicken with Rice or Pasta.

At last!!! The 20 inches hand tossed New York style pizza

Our host custom made the pizza just for us. The host said that the pizza can be purchased by slice, half pan and whole pan.

In this pan, i think it has 7 different flavors out of 11 that they are offering. the crust is not so thin yet not so think too, that's the perfect crust for me. the toppings are generous too and not oily. great isn't it?

Come to The Big Apple Pizza Co, and experience New York at your table. The are conveniently located the 4th floor of SM CDO Downtown Premier's Food Hall.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Flame and Grill Buffet in Misto at Seda Centrio

30th June 2017
Misto at Seda Centrio

Every nights of Wednesdays until Saturdays, Misto at Seda Centrio is having a buffet feast. Wednesdays are "Around the World" night, its a feast of worldwide of flavors. Thursdays nights are bound to Italy as they have a buffet of  "Pizza, Pasta and Salad". Saturdays night are a bountiful catch of "Seafood Frenzy". Don't worry, I did not forget about Fridays for it is the real TGIF night of "Flame and Grill".

Of course, every time we say "flame and grill" BBQ comes to our mind. Last 30th of June, I had a "me time". As starters, i had this for appetizers.

Eight Treasure Soup, the best warm me up before a feast. Cold Cuts to start a feast in baby steps. It's like jabs before a mighty punch and of course, Kinilaw for the undercard fight. I had two batches of this before getting to my main event.

I went to the grill chef and ask what we will be having. That night he is grilling squid, pork belly and chicken BBQ.  I started with pork and squid. Grabbed another kinilaw for that sinuglaw effect.

During buffets, I intentionally don't eat rice so that I will feel less full (talking about gluttony here). Instead of rice, I paired my grilled foods with Misto's best artisan bread.

I only got the baguettes. Since I'm so happy and satisfied with my selections thus i did not bothered to get more from the buffet table. They are offering: backed macs, steamed veggies, beef and mushroom, pan seared tuna with tomato basil, and pork spare ribs with tausi sauce. OK fine, yes, i admit, i tried all of them but just a serving spoonful. They are all good, yummy indeed!!!

live piano is on the background. senti moments as the pianist plays. i even sing along while eating or sipping the lemony ice tea. before i end the feast, i had maja blanca. they also have fruits and buchi but maja blanca is my favorite. Then i had coffee before leaving.

I would like to thank all staff and crew, most specially to the chef(s), who made this "craving" possible. yup! ive been craving for grilled stuff for about a month.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Miss Cagayan de Oro 2017 : Presentation of Official Candidates

The heat is on for the Miss Cagayan de Oro 2017 pageant (Ms CdeO 2017).

8th of July 2017, the Rotary Club of Cagayan de Oro East Urban, the new handler for Miss CdeO 2017 presented to the press and public, 12 lovely ladies vying for the prestigious title at Limketkai Mall.

Photo by : Glenn Palacio

The candidates are: (from L to R)

Candidate No.1
Charissa Velez
Brgy Carmen

Candidate No.2
Suzzane Martil
Brgy Tablon

Candidate No.3
Alexa Patriana
Brgy Gusa

Candidate No.4
Shekinah Julia Salcedo
Brgy Balulang

Candidate No.5
Marianne Serenuela
Brgy Bulua

Candidate No.6
Glyza Jay Basay
Brgy Kauswagan

Candidate No.7
Katrina Acaylar
Brgy Balulang

Candidate No.8
Meg Cui Bacareza
Brgy Iponan

Candidate No.9
Mary Kate Go
Brgy Gusa

Candidate No.10
Jaymee Hana Padilla
Brgy Balulang

Candidate No.11
Shara Philline Plenos
Brgy Puntod

Candidate No.12
Leticia Lamour Sy
Brgy Bulua

The Miss CdeO 2017 Calendar of Events as follows. See you there mga higala.

Photo from Miss Cagayan de Oro Facebook Page

PS: due to my recent life event, i wasn't able to attend this event. from the bottom of my heart, i really want to thank ms. shine, ms. mags and sir glenn. i do hope and pray that i can attend the next pre-pageant events.

Sunday, July 09, 2017

VIP and Media Event for the Opening of Uniqlo CdeO

28 July 2017
Event Center
SM CDO Downtown Premier

After my lunch at Spicy Elements, I went to the ground floor for the VIP and Media Event for the opening of Uniqlo CdeO, which is conveniently located at the Osmena entrance of SM CDO Downtown Premier.

VIPs and Media personalities had the first dibs of Uniqlo's wide variety of choices for kids and kids at heart.

Uniqlo CdeO is the 40th Store here in the Philippines, the 4th in Mindanao (I hope I'm not mistaken) and the first here in Northern Mindanao. Last June 30th, the store opened to the public as graced by Miss Universe Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach. From then on until July 13th, enjoy their opening sale as they lowered their prices on selected items.

For more photos of this event, please visit my Facebook Page .. and while you are there, pls do like and follow my page thanks thanks thanks..

Thursday, July 06, 2017

My First at Spicy Elements CdeO

SM CDO Downtown Premier (SM CDO Premier) opened to the public last 12th of May 2017, Due to some instances of life, I only came there last 28th of June 2017. The first thing or should I say, the first shop I tried was the "Spicy Elements".

Located at - the most coziest floor of all SM branches i ever been - the 5th Floor. why coziest? the floor houses some of the big food shops in the city. Each store/shop have wide spaces for more tables for big gatherings. and the big corridor  have carpet like mats for us to sleep onto after eating. Lastly, on the other side of the floor is the sky garden for more touch of nature in this concrete jungle and a view of the city.

Since its my first time to try Spicy Elements, I ordered small - fit for a soloist - and the most recommended signature dish, the baby back ribs.

Their Signature Ribs comes in two variants: the one without sausages and; the other have 3 kinds of sausages - Bratwurst, Hungarian and Andouille. It also comes in three sizes: solo, duo and family. All have a choice of rice or mashed potato and sides. Don't worry, the friendly waiter(ess) will definitely help you with these choices.

My order was Solo Signature Ribs with Sausages and Coleslaw as side. At the first glance of my order I thought its too small thus i reminded myself that i ordered solo. As I eat, I realized that this ribs needs more soda and rice. Whew! I think this is good for two. now I wonder how big the duo and the family sized are. Good thing i still have time before my next appointment thus i really did savor the moment to enjoy it.


Crew = friendly and accommodating.
Service = great and fast.
Store = nice
Washrooms = yes they have and its clean.

Best time to be there = at night for that live band or DJ mixed sounds
Coming Back? = YES
Budget = Need a little extra but its worth it.

Next dish to Try = sisig, laing and kinunot.

See you soon Spicy Elements.

Bring me to Life: Back to Regular Blogging

Hi there,

A pleasant day to you, I hope that you are in doing good!

Sorry for not blogging for many months now. I've been on many good events and gathered many stories to blog about and I thank you for still following me in spite of my absence. For now, as I gather up the pieces and (getting ready)  moving on unto my next chapter in life, I will try to blog in baby steps.

I thank all who comforted me with their hugs, kisses (beso-beso bitaw) and words of encouragement. These really made all broken pieces fuse together. I also thank those - specially to all strangers - who shared their love and blessings.

Starting today, hopefully, I can make one blog a day and start new page, new friendship and new opportunities (and colaborations of course) rolling.

love lots