Sunday, July 17, 2016

iPlay Cybersquare is now Online

iPlay Cybersquare is the 2nd Geforce Platinum iCafe here in the Philippines and it is the 5th in Asia.

Opened is doors last July 14th and on my own personal observation this place is the most advanced icafe here in Cagayan de Oro. Located along Corrales street (near FICCO main and Office of Civil Defence). When i got there it is a full house mainly for two reasons: affordable rental price and; advanced gaming experience. for as low 15 pesos per hour you can enjoy your favorite games or just surf faster for video chats and social media.

Photo above is their "green chair" section with a rate of 20 pesos per hour. The "black chair" have a rate of 15 pesos per hour (photo below). They also have a VIP room that cost 50 pesos per hour.

Come to iPlay and experience the true meaning of speed gaming.

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