Wednesday, May 04, 2016

My Smart Summer Travel

My wife and I promised to each other and to ourselves that we see to it that we travel every month of April. This year is our third and sad to admit we did not made one. It should have been Camiguin or Samal Island (Davao del Norte). Last year was Siquijor Island, the year before that was Bantayan Island (Cebu). We do hope and pray that we can still travel this year, October or December perhaps.

Beautiful sunset in the island province of Siquijor (2015)

We all do love to travel but it has some concerns that are #hardtogets, like promo (plane) tickets and of course, leave of absence at work. We can of course save or make a loan to fund our trip but having an approved leave of absence is the ultimate kill joy.

When we finally get to travel, we love to share some snapshots and selfies. Throwback 2014, when we were in Bantayan Island, we don't have a mobile wifi. We have to wait to arrive in our hotel just to post social media update. But this year, pocket wifi is a must have. Having one is so difficult because its either expensive or out of stock. When you finally got one, mobile data rates is another expensive thing. Praises!!! Smart 888 is the hottest deal this summer for pocket wifi.

For just 888 pesos you can have a pocket wifi that can be shared by 10 mobile devices. In my case, that's my laptop, my wife's phone, her niece's tablet. Connecting us to our loved ones back home. Since its pocket sized, we can still be connected even on the road or on the sea, on the beach or in the hotel. With speed up to 12Mbps, we can use facetime on one device and FB messenger video on the other device simultaneously . No more lagging and buffering because it is powered by the largest broadband provider in the country.

In the past, I pay 50 pesos per day just to get mobile data but now, it is only 85 pesos for two days saving us 15 pesos. I just text surfmax85 and send it to 2200 or buy it in the Smart Online store at

Grab your own #smart888 pocket wifi so you too, can have an enjoyable summer and experience Smart's Hottest Deal. Promo ends on  June 30, 2016.

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