Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Taste the Flavors of Asia Thru McCormick Noodle and Seasoning Mix

The pancit, no matter which kind, is something us Pinoys truly love to eat - whether during special occasions, or as merienda. Problem is, our busy lives often prevents us to cook "authentic" noodles and resort to the "instant" kind that often ends up with underwhelming looks and taste. Another problem is that, even if we have the time to cook these noodle dishes, we sometimes just couldn't find "authentic" flavor.

A kitchen saver is now available, with the launch of McCormick's Noodle and Seasoning Mix. McCormick is a staple in our kitchen pantry, and our family usually try whatever new product they release, and this made me giddy, for not only do I like a good noodle dish, I also wanted to try noodles from neighboring countries as well.

McCormick Noodle and Seasoning Mix has five flavors to offer:

Birthday Noodles

Chap Chae


Pad Thai


A pack of any of these is good enough to serve four people, and what's amazing is that it has both the noodles and the seasoning... that all one needed to add are about two to three fresh ingredients (meat and vegetables), plus 30 minutes of cooking and a good plate of noodles can be shared by friends, family, or by yourself - if you are that hungry. No need to make estimations, no need for substitutions, no need to compute for "half recipe" (if you happen to find a recipe that is more than what you needed). Just open a pack, follow the instructions, and in no time you will be transported to any Asian country thru it's noodle dish.

Now, you don't need to scout for restaurants offering foreign cuisine. With McCormick Noodle and Seasoning Mix, you can satisfy your hungry tummy, while having that feeling as if you are eating at a posh restaurant. If you plated it well, you can also brag it on your social media sites. smile emoticon Easy cooking has never been easy.

For innovative offerings and meal inspirations, visit http://www.mccormick.com.ph and follow McCormick Philippines on Facebook http://facebook.com/friendsandflavor.

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