Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The Marinela Neri-Velez String Program

I am also a lover of orchestral music most specialy in strings: violin, viola and cello. Do you remember the string quartet "bond"? ( That's my kind of music and when an orchestra made me cry or even teary, it means that orchestra is good. So when I heard that there is a budding and blooming orchestra here in Cagayan de Oro City I rushed to see and hear them play and to my surprise majority of the string players are kids.

For what I heard, the Marinela Neri-Velez String Program is a 10-year program that aims to build up a very first Philharmonic Orchestra here in Cagayan de Oro City: for the first 2 years is to build the strings section; then on the next 2 years is to build the wind (both woodwind and brass) section; then another 2 years for the percussion section; and then the last 4 years will be the merging of all sections.

All the players came from different ages and schools. The first time I heard them played was in Limketkai Luxe Hotel. They played Christmas carols for all the Hotel's guest at the lobby and they really played well. As I continue to listen I seen familiar faces. Agoi! Its our good friends in a renewal community. It turns out that their niece is one of the violinist.

Here is a sample of their performance under the Baton of Ms. Anna dela Fuente.

When I shared this to my wife, she said that her student is also part of the program, she is a violinist too. From that day on, the mom of her student promised that she will update us in their public performances. True to her promised, she invited us to see her daughter perform, this time it was last 28th of December 2015 in Limketkai Mall's Event Center.

My wife and I would like to congratulate The Marinela Neri-Velez String Program for a very successful program and public performances. We are hoping to see and hear from you once more. To all kid performers, Job well done! keep it up guys!

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