Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Seda Trees of Christmas

For the first time Seda Centrio sponsored not one but eight Christmas Trees for the delight of its guest and clients. Located along the lobby area in front of Misto Restaurant.

Eight trees made and designed by (various) Cagayan de Oro personalities as follows:

Ms. Gigi Lazaga, owner of Santuary Beauty Care and Wellness Spa.

Dr. Emily Ravalo-Ceballos, a family doctor.

Ms. Cathy Tan, owner and president of Cheding Peanuts.

Ms. Angela Paras, owner of Gazebo (in velez st.)

Ms. Michelle Fransisco, Advocate of "soap for hope" and philanthropist

P/B Jay Roa Pascual, Current Barangay Captain

Mother and Daughter tandem Ms. Bebotte Chu and Ms. Catherine Chu, Editors of Mindanao Gold Star Daily (newspaper)

and lastly, from Esmerina and Patrick Gabutina

Take selfies with the trees! While you are there, check out all Christmas promos! I heard that they have Room Rate Promos, Buffets and alot more for us to enjoy the holiday season.

These Trees are up for public viewing until the 25th of December so come to Seda Centrio now!

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