Thursday, September 10, 2015

Weekend Oyster Bar at Seda Hotel Centrio

Major throwback Thursday, 2007 November 2nd, My mother, my sisters and I went to mom's hometown in Pangasinan. After spending morning and lunch in the middle of the sea to experience tending a fish cage, we asked our uncle (mom's brother-in-law) to drop us off on the shore to spend more time playing and dipping. after a few minutes, baby sister yelled "oysters!" I hurried to her location and checked it out. It was indeed oysters on a rock. I shelled it with my swiss knife and ate it immediately.

My sisters became squeamish, not because of the oysters or me eating it raw but for health or sanitary reasons. Just imagine, me eating oysters on a beach, no washing (in fresh water), no boiling, no vinegar (like ceviche), just plain and simple dip on the beach (water) and eat straight. After a few pieces I literally found myself in the middle of oyster breeding ground. Instant oyster buffet. the next more pieces calmed my sisters down knowing that I am not (yet food) poisoned. They even helped me find more and bigger pieces.

Why I am sharing this to you? Well I just found out in social media that starting tomorrow, 11th of September, Seda Hotel Centrio will be having a Weekend Oyster Bar. It will be served in a platter with your choice of sauces. its up to you if you want it fresh or baked. Please click the photo to zoom in the details.

The Weekend Oyster Bar is open on Fridays from 6pm until 10pm, then all-day on Saturdays and Sundays. The Fresh Oyster Platter is PHP 360 per platter and the Baked Oyster Platter is PHP 450 per platter. Now, the question is, how many platters you can consume? Me? I think I can consume a platter of each, then next day, I'll get more. Oh! Seda Centrio! You awaken the oyster eating monster in me.

All prices are subject to service charges and local taxes. For more inquiries and reservation call (088) 323-8888 or 0917-577-59-10.

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