Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Nic's Pizza Baguette now in Tiano-Dolores

Nic's Pizza Baguette, the pizza in baguette crust, who started in 14-21 Nazareth now came closer to the city proper by having a new branch here in Tiano-Dolores Streets. If you are new to the city or if you are using goggle maps, MC Fernandez Street is the new name of Dolores Street. This branch opened last August 26, 2015.

Before I continue, let me share to you this triva that the owner shared to me. The word "dolores" is a Spanish word for "pain, discomfort or suffering". That is why this street (as he points to dolores street) is called dolores because this street leads to the former/old cemetery from the cathedral. So after the funeral mass at the cathedral, the funeral march will go thru this street until the cemetery. Now we know mga higala.

Hawaiian Delight Pizza and Garlic Fries are the best sellers here in Nic's Pizza Baguette. The fries tasted like garlic bread. The Hawaiian Delight balances the salty taste of cheese and sweetness of pineapples plus the ham compliments the two.

Hawaiian Delight and Garlic Fries
They have eight (8) more pizza flavors to choose from: Garden Fresh; Tuna; Beef and Mushroom; de Oro Overload; Meat Lovers; Beef Dynamite (this is spicy); and the newest flavor Signature Sausage. You must try also their Cheezy Garlic Bread.

If you what to kick up your pizza baguette, ask for the "Kataste chili oyster sauce" BUT if that wont spice you up, ask the crew to give you the "Ghost Chili Sauce". For advance orders or delivery call the number on the photo above.

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