Monday, September 21, 2015

Fusion Resto Café

There is a new place to hang out to here in Corrales Extention (near Gaisano Mall). Consortium Building houses new pubs, resto, dining places, karaoke bar and a lot more to come. One of its new tenants is Fusion Resto Bar which is located on the second floor.

I am both privileged and honored to be invited for the blessing of Fusion. This will be the new place for all diners both students and professionals to dine, drink and be merry.

Their  great designed palo-china furniture - tables, chairs, counter and in the wall decors - captivated me. As for the food, the fresh lumpia and the rainbow fish are just two of their specialties which is by the way taste so good. Ill definitely go back there to try other dishes. As for now I am sharing this to you so that you can also try it also. Share to me your thoughts.

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