Monday, September 07, 2015

CDR-King Solar LED Lights

Here in Mindanao, particularly here in Cagayan de Oro City, there will come a time that rotational brownouts is a lifestyle menace: Mall without or less air-conditioning, unromantic candle lit dinning, dark alleys, students studying in fast foods for free light and many others.The solution is either to buy expensive generators or buy solar LED lights just to illuminate homes and parking areas to continue the things we need to do.

Good thing there is Solar LED Lights in CDR King. This technology aims not only to save us from electricity bill but for us to be pushed for the usage of solar energy. We can charge these lights during daylight and on the evening we can use it - for 3 days - to illuminate our lawn, garage and strategic areas where light needed most.

Photo Courtesy from our friends in CDR-King

CDR-King also have other products to choose from that can be used as nigh light in rooms or during unexpected brownouts. With these products, we can now eat, cook or study in well lighted room.

​for more details about their solar products, follow these hashtags: #cdrkingcares #cdrkingsolar #cdrkingofficial

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