Tuesday, September 22, 2015

PAD opened its concept store in Centrio

PAD – an authorized dealer of premier brands JBL, Control 4 and Harman/Kardon – opened its Concept Store in Centrio Ayala Mall, a first in (Northern) Mindanao. On their opening day, they offered 20% on the spot discount. Also, Color Your Sound Promo is on-going. Get 10% OFF on a new JBL Charge2 Plus (Splash Proof), JBL Xtreme, when you wear the same color of interest. Valid from Sept 19-30, 2015 only! to give you a head start, the colors are: red, black, blue and cyan.

We all know that JBL is a premier brand of speakers. I really loved this one JBL speaker named “JBL Xtreme” it’s a bad ass speaker that’s ultra portable with Bluetooth (wireless) connectivity. It also have high capacity internal battery that brings music anywhere we go and also double as powerbank for our devices.

Harman/Kardon is new to me. But as I look at the display models, it has more than stylish good looks, its technical aspects is also also future proof.

At the back of the concept store houses a home theater system both powered by Control 4 and JBL. Control 4 by the way is a home automation system that controls virtually every part of the house using our smartphones or tablets. No more numerous remote controls and keys, all we need is a tap on our devices. In the home theater room in the concept store, Control 4 commands lights, TV, Speaker systems and the over head projector. For me, its far more better than traditional cinema. I like that in my future home too.

Visit their store now to see how these brands helps you make high tech homes.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Fusion Resto Café

There is a new place to hang out to here in Corrales Extention (near Gaisano Mall). Consortium Building houses new pubs, resto, dining places, karaoke bar and a lot more to come. One of its new tenants is Fusion Resto Bar which is located on the second floor.

I am both privileged and honored to be invited for the blessing of Fusion. This will be the new place for all diners both students and professionals to dine, drink and be merry.

Their  great designed palo-china furniture - tables, chairs, counter and in the wall decors - captivated me. As for the food, the fresh lumpia and the rainbow fish are just two of their specialties which is by the way taste so good. Ill definitely go back there to try other dishes. As for now I am sharing this to you so that you can also try it also. Share to me your thoughts.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Weekend Oyster Bar at Seda Hotel Centrio

Major throwback Thursday, 2007 November 2nd, My mother, my sisters and I went to mom's hometown in Pangasinan. After spending morning and lunch in the middle of the sea to experience tending a fish cage, we asked our uncle (mom's brother-in-law) to drop us off on the shore to spend more time playing and dipping. after a few minutes, baby sister yelled "oysters!" I hurried to her location and checked it out. It was indeed oysters on a rock. I shelled it with my swiss knife and ate it immediately.

My sisters became squeamish, not because of the oysters or me eating it raw but for health or sanitary reasons. Just imagine, me eating oysters on a beach, no washing (in fresh water), no boiling, no vinegar (like ceviche), just plain and simple dip on the beach (water) and eat straight. After a few pieces I literally found myself in the middle of oyster breeding ground. Instant oyster buffet. the next more pieces calmed my sisters down knowing that I am not (yet food) poisoned. They even helped me find more and bigger pieces.

Why I am sharing this to you? Well I just found out in social media that starting tomorrow, 11th of September, Seda Hotel Centrio will be having a Weekend Oyster Bar. It will be served in a platter with your choice of sauces. its up to you if you want it fresh or baked. Please click the photo to zoom in the details.

The Weekend Oyster Bar is open on Fridays from 6pm until 10pm, then all-day on Saturdays and Sundays. The Fresh Oyster Platter is PHP 360 per platter and the Baked Oyster Platter is PHP 450 per platter. Now, the question is, how many platters you can consume? Me? I think I can consume a platter of each, then next day, I'll get more. Oh! Seda Centrio! You awaken the oyster eating monster in me.

All prices are subject to service charges and local taxes. For more inquiries and reservation call (088) 323-8888 or 0917-577-59-10.

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Best Feeling in the World with Seda

Do you take alot of pictures? Pictures that you can say "The best feeling in the world!"

Well, if you have one - even more - share it to us thru Seda Hotel's new travel campaign. See photos below for details. Please click the photo to zoom in.

What are we waiting for, like, share and win...Hmmm??? What should I share??? I guess travel spots here in Cagayan de Oro so that - win or lose - I can be an online ambassador of the city.


Tuesday, September 08, 2015

My First Dibs at Simple Joys Bakery and Cafe

The first time I heard about Simple Joys Bakery and Cafe is when a good on-line friend, which is a good travel and fashion blogger, sent me a personal message inviting us to try their new shop. As days go by, our (my wife and I) friends started to post their pictures and awesome stories about the cafe. So, until one day, out of the blue, after our visit at our house developer, we decided to have snacks at this simple and cute shop.

Simple Joys Bakery and Cafe is located in the middle of the block of Burgos-JR Borja-Capistrano streets. A simple yet cute shop that serves cakes, cupcakes, breads, pasta and coffee. Their best sellers are Ensaymada, Baked Ziti and Spaghetti Salsa Rosa. They also accept made to order cakes. Since we came unprepared we shared Baked Ziti and Choco Cupcake.

I love both we ordered. The ziti is great! Creamy and cheesy. The cupcake has the right amount of sweetness and the ganache is so wonderful. We will really go back for some more. I hope that time the best selling ensaymada is available.

Nic's Pizza Baguette now in Tiano-Dolores

Nic's Pizza Baguette, the pizza in baguette crust, who started in 14-21 Nazareth now came closer to the city proper by having a new branch here in Tiano-Dolores Streets. If you are new to the city or if you are using goggle maps, MC Fernandez Street is the new name of Dolores Street. This branch opened last August 26, 2015.

Before I continue, let me share to you this triva that the owner shared to me. The word "dolores" is a Spanish word for "pain, discomfort or suffering". That is why this street (as he points to dolores street) is called dolores because this street leads to the former/old cemetery from the cathedral. So after the funeral mass at the cathedral, the funeral march will go thru this street until the cemetery. Now we know mga higala.

Hawaiian Delight Pizza and Garlic Fries are the best sellers here in Nic's Pizza Baguette. The fries tasted like garlic bread. The Hawaiian Delight balances the salty taste of cheese and sweetness of pineapples plus the ham compliments the two.

Hawaiian Delight and Garlic Fries
They have eight (8) more pizza flavors to choose from: Garden Fresh; Tuna; Beef and Mushroom; de Oro Overload; Meat Lovers; Beef Dynamite (this is spicy); and the newest flavor Signature Sausage. You must try also their Cheezy Garlic Bread.

If you what to kick up your pizza baguette, ask for the "Kataste chili oyster sauce" BUT if that wont spice you up, ask the crew to give you the "Ghost Chili Sauce". For advance orders or delivery call the number on the photo above.

Monday, September 07, 2015

CDR-King Solar LED Lights

Here in Mindanao, particularly here in Cagayan de Oro City, there will come a time that rotational brownouts is a lifestyle menace: Mall without or less air-conditioning, unromantic candle lit dinning, dark alleys, students studying in fast foods for free light and many others.The solution is either to buy expensive generators or buy solar LED lights just to illuminate homes and parking areas to continue the things we need to do.

Good thing there is Solar LED Lights in CDR King. This technology aims not only to save us from electricity bill but for us to be pushed for the usage of solar energy. We can charge these lights during daylight and on the evening we can use it - for 3 days - to illuminate our lawn, garage and strategic areas where light needed most.

Photo Courtesy from our friends in CDR-King

CDR-King also have other products to choose from that can be used as nigh light in rooms or during unexpected brownouts. With these products, we can now eat, cook or study in well lighted room.

​for more details about their solar products, follow these hashtags: #cdrkingcares #cdrkingsolar #cdrkingofficial

Friday, September 04, 2015

IDEA 2015: An Invitational for Debate, Essay and Art

Our friends from the Rotary Club of CDO Premier launched a new project called I.D.E.A. 2015 An Invitational for Debate, Essay and Art. It is both academic competition among High School Students and at the same time to bring public awareness on the on-going creation of Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL). Participated by almost 100 High Schools here in Region X.

Artwork by Rotary Club of CDO Premier
The event will be divided into four challenges: Oral Debate, Essay Writing, Editorial Cartooning and Acrylic Painting. All of which will tackle the primary theme "Peace in Mindanao". One of the focus of this event is to see the youths' perspective on the peace process in Mindanao, the creation of the Bangsamoro Region and the BBL.

The event will be held in Liceo de Cagayan University (LDCU) mainly in Rodelsa Hall. The Debates will be held in different LDCU's Audio-Visual Rooms and it will be televised on a local TV. The essays and the editorial cartoons will be featured in local and national newspapers. Acrylic paintings will be exhibited in a mall in Cagayan de Oro.

This event is FREE ADMISSION TO THE PUBLIC. Since this will be held in a university campus, I am encouraging everyone to submit ourselves to proper security inspection at the gates and abide to the university rules for mutual security, peace and order,

I really cannot wait what these bright youngsters can say and can do for the peace in our beloved country specially here in Mindanao. So don't forget September 11 and 12 IDEA 2015 Liceo de Cagayan University's Rodelsa Hall. See you all there!

To know more about the Rotary Club of CDO Premier pls log on to 
http://www.rotarycdopremier.org/ also just click/tap IDEA2015 on the said website for more updates on this event.

Thursday, September 03, 2015

Big Opening of Big Flat Bread

We all know about Big Flat Bread and its big yummy pizzas. After the unfortunate event in their Limketkai Center branch, they transferred and prospered here in Corrales-Ebarle Branch. To give more to their (loyal) costumers ample space and product upgrade, they have to close down for a moment to make some renovations. At last! That renovation and complete and they opened just in time for the city fiesta. On the eve of the big opening (aug 27) they gave big blast entertainment of music, drinks and a street party like other pizza chain has ever made. The party lasted until the next day August 28.

Customers lined up as early as 4am to witness the Big Opening of BFB. Before the opening, the owners and staff with their families gathered to offer Holy Mass. Blessing of the store and ribbon cutting ceremonies soon came after.

When the doors opened for business, the first 100 customers received a BIG treat! They were handed out BFB passports to entitle them FREE pizza for one whole year. That’s 1 pizza per month for the next 12 months. That’s about 2,400 peso savings. What a treat!

What’s New

BFB now have a bigger and ample space for our big gatherings. The newest thing in their menu is the Create your own Pizza for just 249 pesos per pizza (big size). You can choose to about 30 toppings: 2 kinds of sauces, 3 kinds of cheeses, 8 kinds of fruit, herbs and veggie toppings, 2 seafood toppings, and nearly 15 meaty toppings. If you can’t think of what to put into your pizza, fret not for they retained their five bestseller pizzas like the Godfather and Tropical Adventure.

They also offer rice meals, potato spuds and pastas. I recommend their Buffalo Chicken and Carbonara.  Of course, BFB’s made to order bigger and biggest pizza are still available in a budget friendly price. Another new to their menu which is I dearly loved most is the bottomless soda for just 49 pesos.

Unlimited Soda

So come to Big Flat Bread and enjoy their big tasty treats. See you there mga higala!

Visit Big Flat Bread's Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/BigFlatBread and hit like for more updates

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