Friday, July 10, 2015

#HalleLuyangDilaw : Trying out Turcumin Food Supplement

I been using turmeric as a way of combating inflammation that comes with body pains. Why? Simply because many grandmothers recommend it. I only come to believe it when my ankle was so inflamed and painful due to wrong posture while sleeping. Even a week of Diclofenac Sodium and Bengay massages provides little comfort. So bought fresh turmeric, boiled it and drink it like tea - like salabat and the pain and inflammation drastically gone in just 3 days.

The problem is fresh turmeric is not that abundant in the market unlike ginger. So, the next alternative is to buy powdered turmeric in supermarket's spices section. Sadly, after 3 days of opening a powdered turmeric its taste, effectiveness and potency will be gone. After a few years, a co-blogger featured Turcumin, right on the spot, i knew it will be the solution to my non-potent turmeric problem.

Why did I say that it is the solution to my non-potent turmeric problem? First, i dont need to look for turmeric in the market, its not that easily available. Second, i dont need to prepare like slice and boil and let it cool before drinking. with this, ill just pop out the pill. Third and the most important reason of all, unlike fresh or powdered turmeric, this Turcumin will all be potent in both strength and benefits because it is sealed in its capsule and blister pack.

Turmeric promises many medicinal benefits like anti-inflamation, anti-free radicals, anti-oxidant and many more BUT there is no clinical studies and researches for it thus I do know and I am aware that Turcumin is not a drug nor can treat illnesses. but i will still try Turcumin simply because of its content - the turmeric - can help me with my occasional painful knee and ankle.

for the first week of trial ill take one capsule a day then on the 8th day, ill pop twice a day (if there's no adverse reaction to me). Ill report in this blog and to social mediacast anything i observed. for the mean time, lets use the hashtags #Turcumin #HalleLuyangDilaw #HealthRichPharma for us to monitor other users observations and testaments.

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