Monday, July 06, 2015

CDO Foodie Note No. 2015-002 : Ana and Consuelo


Ana's Kitchen has been serving us since 2006. Their branch in Xavier University Gym - Corrales St. - I guess was opened last 2013. The said branch is my hang out place every afternoon to eat and to wait for my wife and her nephew. I love their dishes simply because of its homey taste. It has (this) dinner ambiance complete with aircon and bossa music. This is where also I write my blogs and social media-casting. They don't have a wi-fi thou but still it gives you that coffee shop atmosphere.

Few weeks ago, one customer asked if they have pastries. The food server said they dont have and offered pasta and sandwich instead. While they are talking I noticed the new cake chiller waiting and empty, anticipating when would that chiller be filled. GOOD NEWS! cakes, pastries and bread are now available to pair that (afternoon) brewed coffee.

As of today (06 July 2015) they have: Brazo de Mercedes, Butter Cake, Choco Cake, Torta, Ensaymada, Brownies and Sans Rival.


Before I set foot here in Cagayan de Oro, stories about the yummiest and most affordable steaks BUFFET, YES! its buffet in Cagayan de Oro can be found only in Consuelo's Steakhouse. Sadly when I came here for the first time (year 2009 I guess) Consuelo's Steakhouse is closed.

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On the same venue,It was subdivided to house pubs, resto-bars even a burger joint, came and flourished. Both Cagayanons and tourist loved that place to dine, drink and be merry.

A good (online) friend (Maia of gave us the sad news. The said area is once again closed for renovation. That's the reason why 99 Ranch Resto-Bar and Backyard Burger announced that they are leaving the place as I mentioned in my CDO Foodie Food Note no. 2015-001.

I dearly hope that the renovations will be completed as soon as possible so that we can all have new place to dine and unwind.

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