Friday, June 19, 2015

CDO Foodie Note No. 2015-001 : Closed, Closing, Transferred


Sadly, for many years, if not decades, of food service to Kagayanons and to CDO tourist, our beloved Mom's Corner is closed for about 2 weeks now. The guard on duty in Casa Crystalla doesn't also know why. No more Fresh Lumpia guys. I also love their burgers, cream shakes and lomi.


Based on their Facebook page, Backyard Burgers CDO (Corrales street) will close on June 31. I am quoting their status as of June 19 3pm:

"For the entire month of June, Come to Backyard Burgers CDO for our Special Forever Deal - Free Fries and Drink with Regular Priced Best-Sellers. Also One Special Burger is P100 each day and MILKSHAKES are P100, too. We are open up until end of June only guys :( "

photo taken from Backyard Burger Facebook page

Kagayanons still want them to stay and many are posting their wishes for them to stay. For me, YES I still want them to stay, it is still early for them to throw in the towel. Let's wait and see if they will push their plans to leave.


From Corrales Street, 99 Ranch Buffet + Pub is now transferred to Tomas Saco-8th Street, Nazareth. They will open grandly any day this July but they opened softly last June 18.

photo from sir Chuck of 99 Ranch CDO

Looking forward to dine in at 99 Ranch, the foodie in me likes to try their buffet.

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