Friday, June 12, 2015

A Glimpse of Louie Talents' Me and the Now

Louie Talents, a renowned visual artist from Cagayan de Oro, exhibits his 5 major artworks plus 2 more minor at the Fr. Dimetrio Gallery, 2nd floor of Museo de Oro - Xavier University's. Each artwork is his contemporary response to social issues and foreign view of Mindanao. Each artworks are all made of mix media from house paints, matches and even toy soldiers. What touched my heart is 2 artworks that made from Manobo children and French kids in a hospital ward.

Museo de Oro is OPEN AND FREE FOR ALL from June 12th until 15th, thus the artist and yours truly wishes for all to come and see artworks. Since Museo de Oro is inside the campus of Xavier University (XU), visitors are all reminded of XU's protocol on dress codes and security measures. thus please leave a valid ID at the guards' post and state that you are going to the Museo de Oro. This exhibition is also the artist's way of contribution to honor our country's independence day and Cagayan de Oro City's Charter Day Celebrations.

Here are the glimpse of said 5 major artworks. These pieces are better in flesh than of this photos thus come and see it.

"Pagkawala ng Pag-ibig sa Bayan"

This artwork is made of 4,848 pieces of ignited tip matches, then the artist wrote the message "pagkawala ng pagibig sa bayan" in all four sides of on each matchsticks before painting it with acrylic. Made last 2013 and the frame is 4 feet by 6 feet.

To me, the message that I got from this artwork is that our heroes, specially Jose Rizal, are crying because of our lack of love and patriotism to our own country which they had fought for for our independence.

"Letter of Embrace 1"

"Letter of Embrace 2"

Both Letter of Embrace are made of letters from French and Manobo Children. Each letter has colored drawing and stickers. The letter are then collected and cauterized to make a bigger picture or caricature. After so many glances in the artworks and hours of twist and turns in my tablet, I can see that the bigger picture is a figure of a man and a woman embracing. I hope you seen it too. I felt so loved and blessed to see this artworks.

The message that I got from this two artworks are "hope, love and peace". Love because the caricature is a man embracing a woman. Hope because of the kids messages in their letter. Peace because hope and love are both present.

"Retrace 4"

Is made of wood panel where a ballerina named Erica Jeffery touched and danced with her paint covered hands, feet and dress. This artwork gives the perspective of foreigners to Mindanao. In the Gallery, you an see her dance presented in a tablet.

Lastly, he most special of it all, the Atten-Hut Art Project of the artist. Now on its 3rd installation. First was on 2012 for the Philippine Independence Day installed in Lucas Hall - Xavier University then Second was in Metropolitan Museum in Manila to commemorate 200 year of Spain's Cadiz Constitution then now the 3rd to commemorate the fallen heroes of Mamasapano Incident and he entitled this as "Ms. Encounter?"

This artwork is made of 21,000 - yes that twenty one thousand - pieces of white painted toy soldiers. Painstakingly installed one by one to create a scene from the Mamasapano Incident. The word "filipiNO" is also made from toy soldiers.

The message I got from this piece is "NO more Filipino fallen heroes".

So, there you have it. Its just a glimpse. Please do go to Museo de Oro to see these amazing works. As an extra, since the whole Museo de Oro is open to the public until the 15th of June, you can see this solo exhibit plus other collections of the museum.

See you there!

Congrats once again to Mr. Louie Talents and Ms. Morgane Quiguer

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