Tuesday, June 30, 2015

40% Off on TGIFridays Baby Back Ribs

TGIfridays “fourth of july feast” treats guests to a 40% off on baby back ribs.

What’s a Fourth of July celebration without the mouth-watering goodness of Baby Back Ribs? TGIFRidays, the go-to American casual dining restaurant, offers a delicious feast on July 4 with its signature full-slab and half-slab ribs at 40% off their original prices, available all-day long.

TGIFridays’ Baby Back Ribs are slow-cooked until they are fall-off-the-bone tender. They are then seasoned with Cajun spices, fire-grilled and generously glazed with their tangy Jack Daniel house BBQ sauce. Chow them down with crispy seasoned fried and a refreshing coleslaw salad.

So if you are up for a food fest, come on over to TGIFridays and have a 4th of July treat with family and friends.

TGIFridays “Fourth of July Feast” will be available for all dine-in guests only at a maximum of two slabs per table the whole day on July 4 at all TGIFridays branches.

Friday, June 19, 2015

CDO Foodie Note No. 2015-001 : Closed, Closing, Transferred


Sadly, for many years, if not decades, of food service to Kagayanons and to CDO tourist, our beloved Mom's Corner is closed for about 2 weeks now. The guard on duty in Casa Crystalla doesn't also know why. No more Fresh Lumpia guys. I also love their burgers, cream shakes and lomi.


Based on their Facebook page, Backyard Burgers CDO (Corrales street) will close on June 31. I am quoting their status as of June 19 3pm:

"For the entire month of June, Come to Backyard Burgers CDO for our Special Forever Deal - Free Fries and Drink with Regular Priced Best-Sellers. Also One Special Burger is P100 each day and MILKSHAKES are P100, too. We are open up until end of June only guys :( "

photo taken from Backyard Burger Facebook page

Kagayanons still want them to stay and many are posting their wishes for them to stay. For me, YES I still want them to stay, it is still early for them to throw in the towel. Let's wait and see if they will push their plans to leave.


From Corrales Street, 99 Ranch Buffet + Pub is now transferred to Tomas Saco-8th Street, Nazareth. They will open grandly any day this July but they opened softly last June 18.

photo from sir Chuck of 99 Ranch CDO

Looking forward to dine in at 99 Ranch, the foodie in me likes to try their buffet.

Cebu Pacific Air Advisory on Manila Terminal Changes

Starting August 15, 2015, Cebu Pacific flights utilizing turbo-prop or ATR aircraft, such as those from Manila to Caticlan, Busuanga, Laoag and Naga, will operate out of Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 4 (aka Manila Old Domestic Airport).

Meanwhile, all Cebgo (formerly Tigerair Philippines) flights will operate out of NAIA Terminal 3, beginning the same day. All Cebgo flights utilize jet or Airbus A320 aircraft.

This is in line with the Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) advisory, dated May 28, 2015, to maximize runway space at NAIA. CEB fully supports this government effort to improve air traffic conditions in Manila.

The Cebu Pacific group advises its passengers of the following terminal changes for those departing from and arriving in Manila. Flight times remain the same. (click the photo to zoom in)

Please be all be guided accordingly.

Italianni's Shareable Combos for only P945

Go ahead and indulge your craving for excellent Italian-American fare because you can now have your favorite dishes at Italianni’s for an affordable price of P945. Available all day everyday in all branches, the Shareable Combos are good for 2 to 3 persons to share. They are generously portioned and offer as much as P520 in savings with every order.

These platters that include some of Italianni’s well-loved classics in one plate cater to discerning customers who want to eat good food without spending so much. The result is two mouthwatering Shareable Combos, all prepared meticulously using only the freshest ingredients that the Italian-American restaurant is known for.

First up is the Ribs and Fish Combo,

Ribs and Fish Combo
a surf-n-turf platter brimming with the juicy goodness of meat and the delicate flavor of fish. This platter consists of baby back ribs slathered in honey mustard barbecue sauce, and parmesan crusted fish fillet that has just the right crunch and texture. Topping it off is a serving of pesto rice that goes well with the two dishes.

Savor two kinds of meat with the Pork and Chicken Combo,

Porkchop and Chicken Combo
a satisfying meal for those with a hefty appetite. Those who love their pork will not be disappointed with Italianni’s perfectly grilled pork chop lightly dusted with spices to complement the meat’s robust flavor. The dish also comes with the classic chicken parmigiana and a serving of spaghetti aglio olio to round out the meal.

Share and partake of these combos with family and friends for a splendid bonding experience. For inquiries and details, check out Italianni’s instagram @italiannisph; Website: http://italiannis.com.ph and Facebook: www.facebook.com/italiannisph

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Happy Ramadan Iftar from Krispy Kreme Mindanao

Krispy Kreme Mindanao stores (except NCCC Mall) are giving us a Buy One Give One promo for the Holy Month of Ramadan Iftar.

photo from Krispy Kreme Facebook page

Buy any Krispy Kreme beverage from 5pm until store closing and Krispy Kreme will give one back. This promo is valid from June 18 until July 18, 2015 in all Mindanao Krispy Kreme branches except NCCC Mall.

Friday, June 12, 2015

A Glimpse of Louie Talents' Me and the Now

Louie Talents, a renowned visual artist from Cagayan de Oro, exhibits his 5 major artworks plus 2 more minor at the Fr. Dimetrio Gallery, 2nd floor of Museo de Oro - Xavier University's. Each artwork is his contemporary response to social issues and foreign view of Mindanao. Each artworks are all made of mix media from house paints, matches and even toy soldiers. What touched my heart is 2 artworks that made from Manobo children and French kids in a hospital ward.

Museo de Oro is OPEN AND FREE FOR ALL from June 12th until 15th, thus the artist and yours truly wishes for all to come and see artworks. Since Museo de Oro is inside the campus of Xavier University (XU), visitors are all reminded of XU's protocol on dress codes and security measures. thus please leave a valid ID at the guards' post and state that you are going to the Museo de Oro. This exhibition is also the artist's way of contribution to honor our country's independence day and Cagayan de Oro City's Charter Day Celebrations.

Here are the glimpse of said 5 major artworks. These pieces are better in flesh than of this photos thus come and see it.

"Pagkawala ng Pag-ibig sa Bayan"

This artwork is made of 4,848 pieces of ignited tip matches, then the artist wrote the message "pagkawala ng pagibig sa bayan" in all four sides of on each matchsticks before painting it with acrylic. Made last 2013 and the frame is 4 feet by 6 feet.

To me, the message that I got from this artwork is that our heroes, specially Jose Rizal, are crying because of our lack of love and patriotism to our own country which they had fought for for our independence.

"Letter of Embrace 1"

"Letter of Embrace 2"

Both Letter of Embrace are made of letters from French and Manobo Children. Each letter has colored drawing and stickers. The letter are then collected and cauterized to make a bigger picture or caricature. After so many glances in the artworks and hours of twist and turns in my tablet, I can see that the bigger picture is a figure of a man and a woman embracing. I hope you seen it too. I felt so loved and blessed to see this artworks.

The message that I got from this two artworks are "hope, love and peace". Love because the caricature is a man embracing a woman. Hope because of the kids messages in their letter. Peace because hope and love are both present.

"Retrace 4"

Is made of wood panel where a ballerina named Erica Jeffery touched and danced with her paint covered hands, feet and dress. This artwork gives the perspective of foreigners to Mindanao. In the Gallery, you an see her dance presented in a tablet.

Lastly, he most special of it all, the Atten-Hut Art Project of the artist. Now on its 3rd installation. First was on 2012 for the Philippine Independence Day installed in Lucas Hall - Xavier University then Second was in Metropolitan Museum in Manila to commemorate 200 year of Spain's Cadiz Constitution then now the 3rd to commemorate the fallen heroes of Mamasapano Incident and he entitled this as "Ms. Encounter?"

This artwork is made of 21,000 - yes that twenty one thousand - pieces of white painted toy soldiers. Painstakingly installed one by one to create a scene from the Mamasapano Incident. The word "filipiNO" is also made from toy soldiers.

The message I got from this piece is "NO more Filipino fallen heroes".

So, there you have it. Its just a glimpse. Please do go to Museo de Oro to see these amazing works. As an extra, since the whole Museo de Oro is open to the public until the 15th of June, you can see this solo exhibit plus other collections of the museum.

See you there!

Congrats once again to Mr. Louie Talents and Ms. Morgane Quiguer

Krispy Kreme Launches All-Star Doughnuts for Dads

It's All-Star basketball season once again. This time, the most valuable player is Dad! Krispy Kreme is giving Dads and basketball enthusiasts a thrilling experience in time for Father's Day as the global brand rolls out its new line of yummy All-Star doughnuts.

Krispy Kreme heightens the excitement level inside its stores with an epic All-Star challenge for dads and Krispy Kreme customers - to shoot 6 miniature balls inside 6 cups in 30 seconds. The dad or Krispy Kreme fan who succeeds will bring home an amazing treat of 3 All- Star doughnuts for free!

"This season is a very exciting time for us at Krispy Kreme. We celebrate Father's Day and bring families closer together through the things that they love - basketball and sweet, delectable Krispy Kreme doughnuts! Every time customers step inside our store and enjoy their favorite treats with their loved ones, they create a delightful and unforgettable Krispy Kreme experience," shared Ariane Valinton, Marketing Manager for Krispy Kreme Philippines.

Krispy Kreme beckons its customers to drop by its stores and sample its mouthwatering All-Star doughnut topped generously with red, white and blue sprinkles, and its lip-smacking and caramel-filled Basketball doughnut variant. These exciting treats for Dad are available from June 8- 21 at Krispy Kreme stores nationwide.

Check out Krispy Kreme on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram or log on to www.krispykreme.com.ph for the latest Krispy Kreme update. #KKAllStarDad.

Saturday, June 06, 2015

Me and the Now : Louie Talents Solo Exhibit

Mr. Louie Talents will be exhibiting his artworks this coming June 12 until 15, 2015 at the Xavier university's Museo de Oro.

He will share to us his artistic skills thru a 5 piece artworks - make that big artworks - that uses multimedia from paints, matchsticks and even 21,000 pieces of toy soldiers. Each artwork is a contemporary response to current events and socials issues in Mindanao with collaborative art projects from Paris, Manila, Bukidnon and Cagayan de Oro.

L to R : Mr. Louie Talents and his partner Ms. Morgane Quiguer

The five artworks was curatorially set-up to raise awareness in judiciary reforms most specially for this upcoming 2016 elections. Furthermore, he will express in his masterpieces the foreign perspective of Mindanao.

During the press conference held last June 5 in Museo de Oro, together with Mr. Hobart Savior - Xavier Center for Culture and the Arts (XCCA) Director - and Mr. Oscar Floirendo - Artist and Assistant Curator of Museo de Oro - expresses their support  and invitation for this Solo Exhibit

L to R : Director Hobart Savior, Louie Talents and Curator Oscar Floirendo

The exhibit will be OPEN AND FREE for all but since Museo de Oro is inside the Xavier University Campus, please bear in mind the university's dress code and visitors must leave a valid ID at the guards and log on to the books for mutual security.

This exhibit is very timely for the 4 day (historical) holiday of Cagayan de Oro. So we are hoping the we will see each other there.