Sunday, May 24, 2015

Seda Centrio presents “A Taste of BGC”

“A Taste of BGC” is part of Seda’s “Chefs Exchange”, where the hotels’ head chefs show off their specialties in other Seda locations to offer innovations in the menus. Previous to this, Seda Centrio featured “A Taste of Japan” with Seda Nuvali’s Executive Sous Chef Danilo Gallardo.

“A Taste of BGC” featuring modern international cuisine by guest chef Romualdo “Pepe” Castillo at the hotel’s Misto restaurant on May 25-30, 2015. Chef Pepe was formerly connected with an international luxury hotel, a renowned resort and an exclusive club. A multi-awarded culinary expert, he has won top honors in prestigious industry competitions including “Best Dessert” in the Manila Black Box Culinary Challenge, “Award of Excellence” in the Cold Meat Platter category of Chefs on Parade and “Bread-baking Champion” in an activity sponsored by the Les Toques Blanches Philippines chefs association.

At Seda Centrio, Chef Pepe will present dishes like Angus beef ribs, crispy sea bass, grilled cedar plank salmon, and osso bucco lamb shanks, plus a new and creative range of desserts that make up a visual feast due to their artistic presentations.

Osso Buco Lamb Shank
Chef Pepe will offer a 3-course Set Lunch at Seda Centrio on May 25-29, 2015 featuring options for appetizer and the main course, and a sweet dessert for the finale. More food varieties will be available on the buffet dinner on May 25-30, 2015 at the hotel’s Misto restaurant.

For reservations to “A Taste of BGC”, please call Seda Centrio at (0917) 5775910 or (088)3238888 or email

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