Monday, March 02, 2015

Green Living for Smart Condominium Residents

Yega Development Corporation- developer of Smart Condominium in Pueblo de Oro Township, Cagayan de Oro City- is giving free electricity to its residents. Smart Condominium has its own solar panels for its electrical needs. As of this date, it has a 3000 watts solar power system installed by its sister company Sunday Solar System.

One key feature of Smart Condominium is "Technology meant to serve you". Wherein this condominium have high-tech features and future-ready installations like High-speed internet, HD Cable TV, smart security doors and this solar power systems.

This solar panel took up only 12 square meters and can provide enough electricity to power up 2 to 3 electric irons or about 150 units of 20w lighting fixtures. If I'll based that on our own consumption, it can power up our laptops, router, TV &  electric fan while charging our gadgets. That's all for free thanks to the power of the sun.

Saving electricity cost and saving the environment thanks to solar power.

For more information about Smart Condominium and Sunday Solar Systems, visit them in SM City Cagayan de Oro.

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