Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Slurping Days are here Again

Back home in Manila during my childhood days,I always ask my parents to buy me an "Icee" (ice-cy) in SM Cubao food court. Its a frozen drink that comes only in two flavors. I dearly forgot the flavors but in comes in colors - red and blue.

Fast forward to my collage days this Icee shop is closed but I found a better alternative. Its called "Slurpee" from a convenience store. From two flavors it became to six and one of which is my all time favorite, the Coca-Cola Slurpee.

When I came here in Cagayan de Oro, the nearest alternative to those drinks is the Coffee Icey also from a convenience store or the Coolers with Pearls but of course they look the same but its somehow  a different kind.

Last 24th of January, a Slurp Shop named Slurp It opened in SM City Cagayan de Oro. To my amazement my childhood days in SM Cubao brought back to life.

From two flavors of Icee, four of Slurpee, Slurp It has nine flavors. The best of it is you can mix and match the flavors of your choice, thus you can taste all nine in one serving.

They have 5 servings to choose from: small (360ml), medium (500ml), large (700ml), tube (500ml) and tower (3 liters). The Tube and the Tower are both refillable so always bring it every time you go to SM City Cagayan de Oro.

The fun part of it is the tube. You will buy the tube for 145 pesos plus 25 pesos for the contents. Then they will give you a card to monitor your refills. Each refill is 25 pesos. After your 10th refill, the next serving (the 11th refill) is for free.

Come and buy your slurp it now! I like their Blue Lemonade and Watermelon flavors it jives and swirl into my tube and into my tastebuds. I love brainfreeze! Lets Slurp It and Brainfreeze together. 

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