Friday, February 20, 2015

Apple Tree Resort and Hotel Gears Up

Last February 1, Apple Tree Resort and Hotel celebrated their 7th year with a hot samba dance, bossa music and sparkling fire dance in a cool (sea) breezy night.

They also appreciated people, companies and public offices that made ATRH successful.

The Keynote Speaker for the night is Director Catalino Chan III of the Department of Tourism Region X. (see my separate post "Visit Philippines - Visit Cagayan de Oro")

The highlight of the evening is the speech of its General Manager Ms. Bjanesha Manigsaca Emphasis. She revealed the new gears that will make ATRH even more better for their clients:

* The new Logo: The freshness and healing power of (blooming) Apple Tree which means healthy and growing; and the circle symbolizes eternity.

* New Official Colors in Green and Pink that symbolizes their corporate values: life, renewal and energy (the color green) along with the compassion, nurturing and love (the color pink).

* New Staff Uniform. “May I proudly present our uniform! Our company color is complemented by the color blue; representing the ocean. We accented it with the Langkit; handwoven by the women of the Maranao tribe. This is our way of supporting the diverse Filipino culture" said Ms. Empahsis.

* New and renovated Facilities: Function Halls, indoor and outdoor dining, infinity pool, 30+ Hotel Rooms are just a few to mention. They still have more to come thus we will wait and see and this blog will surely cover it.

* New Packages for Leisure and Relaxation for us to have an enjoyable stay.

For more information on Apple Tree Resort & Hotel,
call : (63 8822) 735-411 or (63 88) 555-0003
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