Thursday, January 08, 2015

Philippine Airlines Cancels Flights for the Papal Visit 2015

The 31 cancelled domestic and international PAL flights on Jan. 15 are:

Manila-Bacolod-Manila (2P2907/2908)

Manila-Busuanga-Manila (2P2033/2034)

Manila-Cagayan de Oro-Manila (2P2527/2528)
Manila-Cagayan de Oro-Manila (2P2525/2526)

Manila-Caticlan-Manila (2P2057/2058)
Manila-Caticlan-Manila (2P2049/2050)
Manila-Caticlan-Manila (2P2063/2064)
Manila-Caticlan-Manila (2P2053/2054)

Manila-Davao-Manila (2P2817/2818)
Manila-Davao-Manila (2P2819/2820)
Manila-Davao-Manila (2P2823/2824)

Manila-Dumaguete-Manila (2P2543/2544)
Manila-Laoag-Manila (2P2196/2197)

Manila-Legazpi-Manila (2P2927/2928)

Manila-Puerto Princesa-Manila (2P2787/2788)
Manila-Surigao-Manila (2P2095/2096)

Manila-Tacloban-Manila (2P2985/2986)
Manila-Tacloban-Manila (2P2987/2988)

Manila-Tagbilaran-Manila (2P2777/2778)

Manila-Tuguegarao-Manila (2P2014/2015)

Manila-Zamboanga-Manila (2P2997/2998)

Cebu-Manila (PR2860)

Manila-Cebu-Manila (PR2861/2862)
Manila-Cebu (PR2863)

Manila-Singapore-Manila (PR511/502)

Manila-Hong Kong-Manila (PR318/319)

Manila-Hong Kong-Manila (PR312/313)

Manila-Kansai (PR408)

Manila-Bangkok-Manila (PR736/737)

Manila-Honolulu-Manila (PR100/101)

Davao-Manila (2P2808 Jan. 16)

Those cancelled on Jan. 19 are:

Manila-Bacolod-Manila (2P2903/2914)

Manila-Basco-Manila (2P2084/2085)

Manila-Busuanga-Manila (2P2031/2032)

Manila-Butuan-Manila (2P2967/2968)

Manila-Cagayan de Oro-Manila (PR1519/1520)

Manila-Calbayog-Manila (2P2071/2072)

Manila-Catarman-Manila (2P2079/2080)

Manila-Caticlan-Manila (2P2039/2040)
Manila-Caticlan-Manila (2P2045/2046)
Manila-Caticlan-Manila (2P2043/2044)
Manila-Caticlan-Manila (2P2051/2052)
Manila-Caticlan-Manila (2P2059/2060)
Manila-Caticlan-Manila (2P2041/2042)

Manila-Davao-Manila (2P2811/2810)
Manila-Davao-Manila (2P2813/2814)

Manila-Iloilo-Manila (2P2931/2940)

Manila-Kalibo-Manila (2P2969/2970)

Manila-Legazpi-Manila (2P2925/2926)

Manila-Naga-Manila (2P2265/2266)

Manila-Ozamiz-Manila (2P2889/2890)

Manila-Puerto Princesa-Manila (2P2781/2782)

Manila-Roxas-Manila (2P2201/2202)

Manila-Surigao-Manila (2P2095/2096)

Manila-Tacloban-Manila (2P2981/2982)

Manila-Tagbilaran-Manila (2P2773/2774)

Manila-Zamboanga-Manila (2P2993/2994)
Manila-Zamboanga-Manila (2P2991/2992)

Zamboanga-Jolo-Zamboanga (2P2245/2246)

Manila-Cebu-Manila (PR2841/2842)

Cebu-Manila (PR2846)
Manila-Cebu (PR2849)

Manila-Hong Kong-Manila (PR300/301)
Manila-Hong Kong (PR312 Jan. 18) & Hong Kong-Manila (PR313)

Manila-Singapore (PR509 Jan. 18) & Singapore-Manila (PR510)

Manila-Haneda-Manila (PR422/421)
Manila-Haneda-Manila (PR424/423 Jan. 18)

Manila-Bangkok-Manila (PR730/731)

Manila-Jakarta-Manila (PR539/540)

Manila-Fukuoka-Manila (PR426/425)

Manila-Singapore-Manila (PR507/508)

Passengers booked on these flights are advised to call PAL Reservations (632-8558888) for rebooking and/or refund assistance. Tickets may be rebooked for travel within 30 days from the original travel date without penalty, provided tickets are still valid. Tickets may be refunded without penalty. Rerouting will be allowed under certain conditions.

Passengers may also check the PAL website ( or PAL Facebook page for updates on the status of their flights.

Passengers are likewise advised to allot more time in going to the airport due to road closures and the anticipated traffic from well-wishers who will line up the streets around the airport.
PAL will fly the Pope to Tacloban on Jan. 17, leaving Manila at 8:15 AM, returning at 5:00 PM.

PAL has been tagged official Papal carrier of Pope Francis' first pastoral visit to the Philippines, after past experience of flying now Saint John Paul II in 1981 and 1995.

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