Monday, December 15, 2014

Sweet House’s 12 Days of Christmas Baking Demo

Sweet House
Tiano – Borja
Cagayan de Oro City

Sweet House, one of Cagayan de Oro’s newest Culinary School shared their baking skills and expertise thru their 12 Days of Christmas Baking Demo. For 12 days starting from the 1st of December, Chef Mich Uapal shared how to make baked goody one day at a time. For my part, I’ll just share four since I wasn’t able to attend in all classes.

1st of December was No Baked Brownies Day

This is a mixture of chocolate, cream and marshmallows chilled overnight to mold. Purely, this is a delight to both kids and kids at heart.

2nd of December was Sans Rival / Silvanas Day

Silvanas and Sans Rival is just the same the only difference is the size. Silvanas is smaller. This is a meringue covered in French Buttercream and nuts.

8th of December was Red Velvet Cheesecake Day.

It was my first time to hear such a cheesecake variety. Its made of cream cheese, cocoa power, eggs and red coloring crusted in crushed oreo cookies. A Bit of a trivia. Folklore said that one baker used red color to make a little experiment thus he created red velvet.

9th of December was French Macarons Day.

It’s a small disk of meringue filled with French buttercream. Adding flavoring to the French buttercream will make different varieties. I liked the salted caramel and coffee.

Once again, Thank you so much Chef Mich and Sweet House for sharing to us your skills, expert advice.

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