Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Monster Kitchen Academy gives back with a free demo

05 June 2014
Monster Kitchen Academy
Rizal-San Agustin Sts
Cagayan de Oro City

Monster Kitchen Academy gives back to their loyal students and to those luck avid fans with a free demo. To be part of this demo, one should be a student of more that 5 lifestyle courses or anyone who visited the academy few days before the said demo. When I got there, audience nearly filled the demo kitchen.

Since I was late - not so late - I immediately get my camera to capture all the instructions and all the actions. Chef Cathy Dano is then demonstration how to make an Asian Salad. To my dismay, my camera has no memory card :( I left it in the house when I uploaded some photos. Good thing I have my 2MP cameraphone that time. Oh well, 2MP is better than nothing. So please forgive my not so clear photos this time.

Our Chef Instructor for this demo is Chef Cathy Dano. She demonstrated a 4 course menu with extra recipes, techniques and tips.

Chef Cathy Dano sharing her expertise
First on the menu is Asian Salad. Its a mix of lettuce, dried mangoes, fresh ripe mangoes and Asian dressing which composed of mayo, sesame seeds, sesame oil and Japanese soy sauce.

Asian Salad
The softness of the mangoes gave a good contrast to the crispy lettuce. The dressing is simple yet compliments the rest of the ingredients.

Second is the Roasted Chicken. Oven roasted chicken with lemon and garlic. Chef Cathy taught us how to tie this beautiful baby neatly. She also shared some tips that we always don't consider: seasoning the chicken high so that the excess seasoning will bounce on other parts; massage the chicken as we season and; season the cavity and in between skin and meat.

Roasted Chicken
As a bonus, she shared to us her recipe and technique in making gravy and mashed potato. This chicken is heavenly made! I never thought that this will be great tasting even its just season with salt, pepper, lemon and butter.

While the chicken sleeps in the oven, the next dish is Garlic Prawn Pasta. Just from the title itself, we already knew it is yummy.

(chili) Garlic Prawn Pasta
She used fettuccine for this cream based pasta sauce. Pasta, Prawns, Chili Flakes, bring it on!

Lastly for dessert is Egg Tarts. Wow! its one of my favorites so I did listened and stayed focus carefully.

Egg Tarts
Personally, Chef Cathy's Egg Tarts is far more better that the famous Macau Egg Tarts. I really love this one.


Thank you once again Chef Cathy and Monster Kitchen Academy for this demo. It's more fun to be Monsterfied!

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