Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Experiencing Ororama Chain of Stores' Run for Rewards year 3

01 June 2014
Ororama Superstore Cogon
Mortola - JR Borja sts.,
Cagayan de Oro City

I'm not an athletic person. My tummy (It's not right to call it abs) will become painful (side cramps or stitches) in just a few meters of run. I'll also have shortness of breath, palpitations and slightly dizzy. Inspite of all those reasons or excuses, I still signed up for Ororama Chain of Stores' Run for Rewards year 3.

Reason? Well if I will not start my fun run participation today, when? This is my first time to sign up and do a fun run. I admit, the title "Run for Rewards" means something right? They (Ororama Chain of Stores) promised us to reward us some freebies and rewards. The most enticing reward I want to have is the benefits of jogging & walking and the Membership Card.

While waiting for the fun run to start, the organizers gave us a short program and some warm up exercises. At last! its gun start time! Participants are now so eager to run and claim their rewards.

Men will run for 5Km while the ladies will do the 3Km run and the kids below 12 years of age will run for a kilometer. Each turn point will be the station in claiming the non-food grocery item rewards and on the finish line will be the station for claiming the food grocery item rewards.

Kids claims their rewards and some water for the next half of their run

Ladies as they claim their rewards.

Men run to the finish line after getting their rewards

Me, claiming my rewards at the 5Km turning point.

What do I got? Here!

I admit, in spite of the fact that I am the last one to arrive the finish line, I really had a fun time walking with my fellow CDO Bloggers. I had fun taking photos of the event while jogging. Lastly, the most rewarding part of this event is meeting new friends.

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