Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Appetizers of Tonkansu by Terazawa

10 June 2014
Tonkansu by Terazawa
G/f Centrio Mall

I love Japanese Food! Sushi, Shasimi and Tonkatzu are on top of the list. For this article, I'll feature Bistro Group's Tonkatsu by Terazawa. This will be a two-part series: first will be the appetizers and second will be the Katu sets.

First in the list is the Chef's Specialty in the appetizer menu, the Chasoba Salad.

Lettuce, tomato, cucumber, Japanese mayo, ham, egg and, cha soba noodles then topped with strips of nori sheets. It taste good! The cha soba noodles compliments the veggies. The only thing I don't like in this salad is, it is so hard to toss: the veggies are in big portions and; the plate is small compared to its serving size. I suggest that the cuts will be smaller, and the plate will be bigger or in a shallow bowl. Taste = 5/5. Looks = 5/5. Serving = 5/5. Price = good.

Next is the most loved appetizer of all appetizer (for me) is the French Fries.

French Fries dusted with green tea powder. It comes with two classic dips: ketchup and mayo. Taste = 5/5. Looks = 5/5. Serving = 5/5. Price = good.

Next is the Fried Chicken Wings.

Japanese style fried chicken wings thus this is abit sweeter and not spicy unlike the Bufflo style conterpart. Taste = 5/5. Looks = 5/5. Serving = 4/5. Price = good.

Next is the pork counterpart, the Pork Karaage.

Stips of pork in Karaage style. I want this with mayo-lemon dip. Taste = 5/5. Looks = 5/5. Serving = 6/5. Price = best.

Lastly is my favorite Kakifurai! On the Starters menu, its just the deep fried oysters, no more add ons. On the (slightly) last part of the menu it has its own page named Kakifurai set which has chopped cabbage, soup and rice.

Kakifurai is deep fried Japanese oysters served with lemon and tartar sauce. This oysters are so big you call for another cup of rice. Taste = 6/5. Looks = 5/5. Serving = 6/5. Price = best.

On the next part, I'll feature the Katu Sets so please stay tuned.

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