Monday, June 30, 2014

Backyard Burgers will be in CDO

Backyard Burgers will be in here in Cagayan de Oro from July 01 to 06, 2014.

Their shop is located in Punchbowl, Corrales St, Cagayan de Oro City. They are open from 10am to 10pm. Here is there Promo Menu.

Kita Kits mga Higala.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Bigating Pangkabuhayan 2014 Grand Draw

21 June 2014
Ororama Cogon Branch
Mortola-JRBorja sts
Cagayan de Oro City

Ororama Chain of Stores concluded their Bigating Pangkabuhayan 2014 by giving away Kabuhayan Showcases to lucky winners.

The grand draw was hosted by the ABS-CBN Northern Mindanao personalities Ms. Grey Mendoza and Mr. Barangay Gwapo 2013 (sorry I don't know his name).

In the presence of the Ororama Marketing manager and a DTI representative, the lucky hands that picked/drawn the winners are representatives of the promo sponsors namely: Del Monte Philippines, Nestle and P&G.

A total of 45 sacks of rice, 3 Samsung Phones, 20 Globe Reloading Business Kit and the grand prize is a Melcar Jeepney was given away.

Photo Credit to @Ororama CDO 
All winners will received a (registered) mail. To claim your prize, winners should present the said mail together the claim stub of your raffle coupon and a valid ID. Congratulations!!!!

Courtesy Call to the City Mayor of Cagayan de Oro

25 June 2014
Mayor's Office
Cagayan de Oro City Hall

I am a member of the CDO Bloggers Inc. We made a courtesy call to the the city mayor to affirm not only our presence but also to support the mayor's office in every way that the CDO Bloggers Inc can.

The meeting is all fun! Mayor Oscar Moreno is a jolly person yet you can feel his fatherly love to the city and it people. We all agreed that we will disseminate all information on all the city's events, happenings, activities and updates.

Speaking of happenings, the mayor shared to us some events that surely the people of Cagayan de Oro will surely look upon to. So stay tuned for the next post regarding CDO events and activities. Here are some hints or a teasers : Ladies Volleyball; CDO Fiesta pre-events and main events; updates and upgrades on City Government's service and facilities.

Lastly, to get to know more about our humble mayor, follow him on twitter at

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Krispy Kreme Early Bird Special

Sharing a good news from Krispy Kreme Cagayan de Oro Branches.

I qoute from their official website

" Maayong adlaw. There is #JoyInABox waiting for you Early Birds! From opening until 12 noon, buy any large drip coffee and get an Original Glazed doughnut on us! Head to Krispy Kreme Limketkai and Krispy Kreme Centrio to avail of this special offer. Promo ends on July 11, 2014. "

I'll make this my morning ritual before I head on to my events.

See you later Krispy Kreme and in the mornings to come.

Friday, June 20, 2014

The Best Time to be a Katsuholic

What do we call a person who has exquisite cravings for the best Katsu? Answer: KATSUHOLIC. Mark that word as Tonkatsu by Terazawa brings you KATSUHOLIC WEDNESDAYS! It’s not just a craze but your LOVE FOR KATSU tastily professed!

Tonkatsu by Terazawa is making your June Wednesdays more memorable with an exciting treat! Like their Facebook page and look for the coupon ad photo and make sure to present this to enjoy HALF OFF offer on their Chef’s specialty, Hire Katsu Set—a 120 gram deep fried pork fillet with unlimited miso soup, cabbage and rice on the whole day of June 18 & 25! Enjoy this great serving of tasty, tender pork cutlets fried to perfection. Valid in all branches so there’s no reason not to go and enjoy!

Tonkatsu by Terazawa branches are located at: Ground Floor Centrio Mall CDO, Ground Floor Greenbelt 2, 2nd Floor Lucky Chinatown Mall Manila, Solenad 1 Nuvali and Ground Floor, The Terraces Ayala Center Cebu.

Follow us on Twitter and Instagram: @tonkatsuph
Join the hashtag brigade: #KatsuholicWednesday

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Power Pops Rice Bar Sampling in PCWorx Stores Nationwide

18 June 2014
PCWorx CDO Branch
South Promenade of
Limketkai Mall

Yes folks!!!! PCWorx - a leading I.T. store with branches nationwide - is giving away 2 bars of Lemon Square Power Pops.

Lemon Square Power Pops are made from all-natural popped rice, it’s a nutritious cereal snack that’s both crispy and chewy. Power Pops flavors include: Champorado, Milky Caramel with Cookie Bits, and Peanut Caramel with Bottom Chocolate Coating. To know more about Power Pops, visit and like their Facebook page at

PCWorx sells variety of computer related products and accessories. Personally, I am amazed that they are just a few (if not the only one) store who has the latest models of IT products with affordable prices. As the locals here say "di nalalayo sa presyo ng manila".

To know more abaout PCWorx's products, latest promos, and branches visit their website at
Like their Facebook Page at
Follow them too in Twitter at

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Appetizers of Tonkansu by Terazawa

10 June 2014
Tonkansu by Terazawa
G/f Centrio Mall

I love Japanese Food! Sushi, Shasimi and Tonkatzu are on top of the list. For this article, I'll feature Bistro Group's Tonkatsu by Terazawa. This will be a two-part series: first will be the appetizers and second will be the Katu sets.

First in the list is the Chef's Specialty in the appetizer menu, the Chasoba Salad.

Lettuce, tomato, cucumber, Japanese mayo, ham, egg and, cha soba noodles then topped with strips of nori sheets. It taste good! The cha soba noodles compliments the veggies. The only thing I don't like in this salad is, it is so hard to toss: the veggies are in big portions and; the plate is small compared to its serving size. I suggest that the cuts will be smaller, and the plate will be bigger or in a shallow bowl. Taste = 5/5. Looks = 5/5. Serving = 5/5. Price = good.

Next is the most loved appetizer of all appetizer (for me) is the French Fries.

French Fries dusted with green tea powder. It comes with two classic dips: ketchup and mayo. Taste = 5/5. Looks = 5/5. Serving = 5/5. Price = good.

Next is the Fried Chicken Wings.

Japanese style fried chicken wings thus this is abit sweeter and not spicy unlike the Bufflo style conterpart. Taste = 5/5. Looks = 5/5. Serving = 4/5. Price = good.

Next is the pork counterpart, the Pork Karaage.

Stips of pork in Karaage style. I want this with mayo-lemon dip. Taste = 5/5. Looks = 5/5. Serving = 6/5. Price = best.

Lastly is my favorite Kakifurai! On the Starters menu, its just the deep fried oysters, no more add ons. On the (slightly) last part of the menu it has its own page named Kakifurai set which has chopped cabbage, soup and rice.

Kakifurai is deep fried Japanese oysters served with lemon and tartar sauce. This oysters are so big you call for another cup of rice. Taste = 6/5. Looks = 5/5. Serving = 6/5. Price = best.

On the next part, I'll feature the Katu Sets so please stay tuned.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Monster Kitchen Academy gives back with a free demo

05 June 2014
Monster Kitchen Academy
Rizal-San Agustin Sts
Cagayan de Oro City

Monster Kitchen Academy gives back to their loyal students and to those luck avid fans with a free demo. To be part of this demo, one should be a student of more that 5 lifestyle courses or anyone who visited the academy few days before the said demo. When I got there, audience nearly filled the demo kitchen.

Since I was late - not so late - I immediately get my camera to capture all the instructions and all the actions. Chef Cathy Dano is then demonstration how to make an Asian Salad. To my dismay, my camera has no memory card :( I left it in the house when I uploaded some photos. Good thing I have my 2MP cameraphone that time. Oh well, 2MP is better than nothing. So please forgive my not so clear photos this time.

Our Chef Instructor for this demo is Chef Cathy Dano. She demonstrated a 4 course menu with extra recipes, techniques and tips.

Chef Cathy Dano sharing her expertise
First on the menu is Asian Salad. Its a mix of lettuce, dried mangoes, fresh ripe mangoes and Asian dressing which composed of mayo, sesame seeds, sesame oil and Japanese soy sauce.

Asian Salad
The softness of the mangoes gave a good contrast to the crispy lettuce. The dressing is simple yet compliments the rest of the ingredients.

Second is the Roasted Chicken. Oven roasted chicken with lemon and garlic. Chef Cathy taught us how to tie this beautiful baby neatly. She also shared some tips that we always don't consider: seasoning the chicken high so that the excess seasoning will bounce on other parts; massage the chicken as we season and; season the cavity and in between skin and meat.

Roasted Chicken
As a bonus, she shared to us her recipe and technique in making gravy and mashed potato. This chicken is heavenly made! I never thought that this will be great tasting even its just season with salt, pepper, lemon and butter.

While the chicken sleeps in the oven, the next dish is Garlic Prawn Pasta. Just from the title itself, we already knew it is yummy.

(chili) Garlic Prawn Pasta
She used fettuccine for this cream based pasta sauce. Pasta, Prawns, Chili Flakes, bring it on!

Lastly for dessert is Egg Tarts. Wow! its one of my favorites so I did listened and stayed focus carefully.

Egg Tarts
Personally, Chef Cathy's Egg Tarts is far more better that the famous Macau Egg Tarts. I really love this one.


Thank you once again Chef Cathy and Monster Kitchen Academy for this demo. It's more fun to be Monsterfied!

Pepper Lunch's Pinoy Fiesta

05 June 2014
Pepper Lunch CDO-Centrio Branch
G/f Centrio Mall

When Pepper Lunch introduced the Pinoy Fiesta Pepper Rice Meals I immediately became excited! Pinoy's signature dishes in an international plate is simply amazing.

Pinoy Fiesta Pepper Rice Meals was introduced last May and here in Cagayan de Oro last June first.

First in the menu is the Sisig Pepper Rice. Sisig plus pepper rice, corn, crushed pork cracklings and sauce.

The other one is pinoy's most loved dish of all, Lechon! Lechon strips plus the usual plus pepper rice, corn, crushed pork cracklings and lechon sauce.

They are both yummy, its worth to try again. The serving is generously filling. A word of caution thou, the sizzling plate used can retain the heat of the food for about 8 minutes thus you need to mix all together upon serving.

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Experiencing Ororama Chain of Stores' Run for Rewards year 3

01 June 2014
Ororama Superstore Cogon
Mortola - JR Borja sts.,
Cagayan de Oro City

I'm not an athletic person. My tummy (It's not right to call it abs) will become painful (side cramps or stitches) in just a few meters of run. I'll also have shortness of breath, palpitations and slightly dizzy. Inspite of all those reasons or excuses, I still signed up for Ororama Chain of Stores' Run for Rewards year 3.

Reason? Well if I will not start my fun run participation today, when? This is my first time to sign up and do a fun run. I admit, the title "Run for Rewards" means something right? They (Ororama Chain of Stores) promised us to reward us some freebies and rewards. The most enticing reward I want to have is the benefits of jogging & walking and the Membership Card.

While waiting for the fun run to start, the organizers gave us a short program and some warm up exercises. At last! its gun start time! Participants are now so eager to run and claim their rewards.

Men will run for 5Km while the ladies will do the 3Km run and the kids below 12 years of age will run for a kilometer. Each turn point will be the station in claiming the non-food grocery item rewards and on the finish line will be the station for claiming the food grocery item rewards.

Kids claims their rewards and some water for the next half of their run

Ladies as they claim their rewards.

Men run to the finish line after getting their rewards

Me, claiming my rewards at the 5Km turning point.

What do I got? Here!

I admit, in spite of the fact that I am the last one to arrive the finish line, I really had a fun time walking with my fellow CDO Bloggers. I had fun taking photos of the event while jogging. Lastly, the most rewarding part of this event is meeting new friends.

New Stalls Opening at Ororama Supercenter Cogon

02 June 2014
Ororama Supercenter
Mortola - JR Borja Sts.,
Cagayan de Oro City

After some renovations, Ororama Supercenter Cogon opens it's new food stalls located near the Mortola Street Entrance.

Waffle Time, Creamy Snow, Zagu, Master Siomai and Poldo's Lechon are among the first occupants of the said stalls. So visit Ororama Cogon today and experience its new look and new offerings.