Saturday, May 31, 2014

Pop Rock rocks Cagayan de Oro

15 May 2014

Pop Rock
Tiano-Borja sts.,
Cagayan de Oro City

Pop Rock, a famous cafe in Iligan City opened its Cagayan de Oro City branch last 8th of March 2014. Since then it captured the Kagayan-on craving for breads, pastries and Italian inspired dishes.

Pop Rock humbly began in Iligan City for nearly 25 years ago. It started as a bakeshop for breads, then  it becomes a cafe that serves coffee, pastries and Italian dishes after 10 years from its opening. Pop Rock got its name from the owner's children's endearment "daddy rocks!" they just changed the word daddy to pop to make it more "cooler" :D

Are you ready for a flood? Photo flood that is. Here's just some of my favorites in Pop Rock Cafe snacks line (arranged in any order)

1) The glass! Yes, they are using a Mason Jar for their drinks of Iced Tea and Lemonade.

2) Chicken Fettuccine. Its a mildly hot and spicy cream sauce fettuccine with chicken chunks.

3) Beefy Lasagna wakes up the Garfield in me. Beefy, Cheesy and Tomato-y.

3) Crab Salad Sandwich is the bread version of California Maki.

4) Piadina is their Iligan branch's bestseller. Piadina is to Italian and Quesadilla is to Mexican. Inside that bread is lots of chunks of meat. It's a meal in itself.

5) Chicken BBQ Salad is a tossed greens in Chicken BBQ chunks, shoestring fries, corn kernels and a lot more that I can even recall. The salad is simple but the dressing is so yummy that many had requested it to be bottled as spread or home salad dressing.

But wait there's more! It's just the snack line, on the next entry it will be the bread and pastry line. While you are waiting like their Facebook Page, they update their "specials and promotions" every month.

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