Friday, March 14, 2014

Lunch at Apple Tree Resort

30 November 2013
Apple Tree Resort
Opol, Misamis Oriental

Sorry for the late post. I was so busy from pre and post wedding details thus this entry and photos was buried. Its better late than never so here we go.

Before thev wedding, Im so happy to hear that all of my Bride's siblings and their kids will be coming over. For this entry, its the arrival of her younger sister / matron-of-honor and her family. Their arrival was a surprise for their mother, imagine all the drama and "white lies" just to surprise her. After all the laughters and surprises we went to Apple Tree Resort not only to have our lunch but also to for them to talk to the Banquet Manager for the birthday celebration of Matron-of-Honor's son.

While they are talking to the Baquet Manager, we had this (seafood) feast curtesy of Matron-of-Honor's Husband.

We had Kinilaw

and Pancit Canton

and a grilled platter consist of Grilled Squid, Pork and Chicken.

I love the kinilaw and the grilled squid! After the feast we then headed to the grocery for their household items and kid's milk. After that we then went home for dinner and rest.

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